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    1997 626 sdx eclipse auto
  1. Cabin Air Filter?

  2. GF 6 stacker

    Hi all my 6 stacker cd player won't eject any discs! Any secret to getting them out ? the discs are all new proprietary cd's not copies so there really should be no issues I suppose. Any help would be appreciated Rog
  3. '97 626 2ltr new TB keeps jumping teeth

    Just replaced water pump, TB & adjustable idler pulley but not the spring, now it keeps jumping teeth on inlet cam sprocket . Starts and runs but as soon as I give the engine a rev it promptly jumps teeth !! Would like some help please, as I've never had a problem like this before Rog246
  4. Rog246

    Hi everyone, new to this site and I'm in Brisvegas! So started with a 1000 coupe, put a 10A in and scared the crap out of everyone. I actually was the 1st person outside a dealer to pull a rotary apart, the engine came out of one of the 1st 50 R100's delivered in 1969, so have had a bit of experience with them. Since then I've had about 10 or 12 various models, currently have 2002 626 eclipse auto Rog Rog246