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  1. Hey guys, I didnt find any proved info or specs of 0-100 acceleration of LX V6 4speed automatic. My result is about 11 seconds and Im guessing its little bit slow for this car, maybe something wrong exactly with mine. Have 67,000 km on it. New synthetic oil, new spark plugs, filters, and new tranny oil. The gas is 91Shell Vpower no ethanol. Just wondering if you can check acceleration of yours thank you.
  2. Guys at AAMCO Transmission Service told that they goona use M3 tranny fluid recommended by Mazda or any replacement fluid. I want to try the MOTUL fluid. Also I have two questions 1. Does the overfill can damage the tranny? 2. Does the check engine light have to appear if I disconnect one or two of the spark wires? Tried to see how engine will run without one or two engines. Have some vibration in the idle thats why tried to compare if its ignition loss. The reason Im worrying about that it was no Check Engine light at the moment I disconnected spark wires of two and three cy
  3. What do you say about tranny fluid additives from LubeGuard? Should I add one after fluid flush? And what type of fluid should I use ? Dexron VI or III? Or Mercon ? Thank you.
  4. Hey guys. I Just bought my first Mazda. Its 626LX V6 AT with just 61,000 KM (39,000 Miles). One owner since new. Everything is working good, but I know that tranny on them is weak and I want to keep it in a good shape as long as it possible. Im not sure if the transmission fluid was changed on this car, and I have two options now: 1. Change transmission fluid as soon as it possible at dealership. Or 2. I can add some good additives of LubeGuard like this one Additive. What you can advise me to make my tranny shift smoother. I also think that I have to chang
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