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  1. the engine computer shows as a 2001 model year (yay me?) so... maybe i got two cars that were produced the year prior their release? lol
  2. hey @djdevon3, long shot here, but you wouldn't happen to have a 2002 mazda workshop manual would ya?
  3. i just realized that's pretty much what you just said LOL....
  4. the funny thing is, when you enter my car's VIN online, it shows 1997. when i connect to the ECM using ForScan, it shows 1997 Model year for the computer. When the VIN is entered when i bought insurance, again, shows 1997. There's no confusion that I can see personally. Perhaps it is a 1996 production year, but 1997 model year?
  5. okay i have a question.. i found the manual with that link. mine is a 97, but the manual says 96.. although my VIN is included in the VIN page.. 1YVGE22C which is in my VIN. so does that indicate that it IS applicable to my vehicle even though it says 96?
  6. Although, I do have some tools to help with things... Not entirely sure how to read or use them just yet... =) this is from the 97 just a bit ago
  7. They did drop back down a bit. I'm doing my best with the learning curve here, and I feel a bit in over my head.. I broke another solenoid valve stem, which i'm trying to repair with some plastic epoxy, but i may have to order a new one.. These things are SO BRITTLE! I guess that's what i get for replacing the vacuum lines while i'm under the hood... I had replaced all the vacuum lines on my 97 while i had the intake manifold out to replace the intake, throttle body, and IAC gaskets and have extra tubing left over for the 02. hell, now i have another issue with my 97... it idles too high
  8. Well, meant to post this sooner, but apparently I'm a blind buffoon! I knocked loose a vacuum line when i was replacing the slave cylinder without realizing it!
  9. Ok, so now i'm confused... After watching @djdevon3's videos on youtube for the solenoid (to test and how they work) all i did was break off the filter, so it shouldn't have made a difference.. (am i right?) I pulled the one from my 97, put it on the 02, and no change.. my confusion here is, why would my idle fuel trims change (jumping from the +5% they were at before i did this, to +10% or more)
  10. managed to find the part number, and found one online to order as a replacement.. It's related to the fuel pressure though, my LTFT went up 10%+ =/ Luckily for me, they use the same solenoid valve on the 97 mazda, which i also have, so i'm going to pull it temporarily while i wait for the new one.. =D
  11. Okay.. I messed up, what did I break lol there was a black plastic piece I that before
  12. Amazon gave me a refund for the missing part I'm going to use the old one . Fun times :)
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