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  1. Ive looked all over and cant find ANY clear corner lights for my 2000 mazda 626.. found these https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.yourhotcar.com%2Fprod%2FCustom%2FHeadlights_%26_Tail_Lights%2FCorner_Lights%2FEuro_Crystal_Clear_Corner_Lights%2F532333%2F&h=ATPQGj32PKGjftXCEvSwPx1TLBtGHF0jmQPmCXQ8BrdaaVxIqYWh3USIfnHOURymiX82lhk0ls0Pw4oIfrLQD17jTmkOUv8BcCt3gNYDWSN3UX60GuOXsYu8Za2Dx6tiiI_x6OR73Al3IbltbOPdy5-C And they look PERFECT! but at the bottom of the page it says "Clear corner lights are illegal in most states. Please be advised: these lights will come with the amber reflector on the corner." What. what does this mean? They're $55 and i dont want to take a gamble and receive regular corner lights.. why would they advertise them as crystal clear corner lights if they have the amber reflector? has anyone ordered these? or does anyone know of anywhere else i can get clear corner lights? thank you.
  2. looking to lower my 00' 626 before i get wheels for it, ive saw other posts about lowering but they were pretty old - does anyone know any lowering springs that will work with my car, and if so can you please post a link? not really looking to spend over $200 on the springs as installation is $200 also. thanks guys.
  3. any updates recently? Seriously thinking about doing this with my 00' 626 with the KLG4.
  4. sweet thanks man ill check that vid out!
  5. looking to lower my 00' 626. can someone give me some links to the stuff i need. heres a pic posted on this site 4 yrs ago by ND28, he lowered his 626 and its EXACTLY what im looking for. anyone have any ideas on what i could use to achieve that height? thanks guys. btw, not looking to spend over $400/500.
  6. Fixed all my oil leaks bout a month ago by replacing all three cam plugs. my oil filler cap is also leaking oil down onto the alternator.. even after i got another from the junkyard. just gonna buy a new one from autozone tomorrow lol. btw, alternator still going strong with probably over 1k miles on it.
  7. Wondering if there are any aftermarket / aggressive / performance camshafts available for the KLG4, thanks guys. cant find any my self, obviously. ive looked. :/
  8. Are you sure the rear speakers are even okay? i thought the same thing on my 2000 Mazda 626 LX, until i popped the cover off to find out the speakers had basically dissolved and were non existent, so i put new ones in and it worked.. though i had the stock radio and stuff in so i knew it wasn't a wiring issue.
  9. Thanks for the info, Ill probably replace that rear seal pretty soon then. My oil cooler o ring? Sounds like that might be leaking as oil does drip from my filter.. (unless my filter itself is leaking, havent checked) Also, know anything about the driver side of the engine (opposite of timing area)?? Such as if there is another cam plug or something similar that oil can leak from? i can upload a pic if you want, its behind the distributor/ignition pack and the bracket that holds it into place, i can definitely tell oil is coming from that area and it looks like another, maybe slightly larger cam plug or oil plug thats leaking. Cant tell for sure though..
  10. Hey guys, 2000 Mazda 626, LX V6 2.5L. Auto. Has 130,0013 miles on it.. Car sat for a year due to unrelated problems (fuel pump) etc. So i put a new pump in my self, replaced needed fuses and got it running and registered, alternator was bad from a year ago.. another reason it sat. So i had a lifetime warranty on one of NAPA'S crappy alternators, so i had my mechanic remove the alternator for me (considering its one hell of a job to get out myself.. and i dont have a lift) and i took the old one to napa, they gave me a refurb lifetime one and i took it to my mechanic and he put it in for me, cost $150 for labor. Drove the car around perfectly fine, bought new tires, ac works great etc. (slight sputter at idle, not too noticable, i dont know if that had to do with this alternator or maybe a vacuum leak somewhere) and i put 400 miles on the car, / this alternator when one day i started it up, was putting my seat belt on and checking the dash for any warning lights as usual and the batt light was illuminated this time, so i took it to autozone where they checked the voltage and said the alternator wasnt charging properly. So i took my Digital multimeter and checked it my self when i had the time and the charge when the car is off was 12.6 as usual, but when the car is running its around 11.80. drops as i turn on accessories etc. Took it to my mechanic and he said that oil killed it (had an oil leak for years, never knew where it was coming from and hadnt caused any problems before). So i pulled my car up on ramps and looked all around, degreased everything, screwed the oil filter on as it was loose and leaking..lol. and researched the internet until i figured out cam plugs usually leak, so i replaced the cam plug that turned out to be a leak spot, on the right side of the engine, near the timing cover area (or, front of the engine when looking into the engine bay facing the front of the car) behind the little motor bracket that you use to pull the engine, (had to remove the bracket) and the cam plug or blind plug, whatever it actually is, was loose and definitely leaking, put some RTV sealant and boom it stopped. but my car is still leaking oil from other places though.. oil still leaking from the timing cover area towards the back, i think the cam plug there is bad too, probably going to replace that one.. and its leaking oil on the drivers side somewhere behind the ignition pack, or whatever thats called. looks like another one of those plugs is leaking there, i can slide my finger in and move it slightly and oil is definitely coming from there, dripping onto my exhaust downpipe and steaming, then dripping down off onto my oil filter and other things etc. so my questions are, how do i replace the little plug behind the ignition coil pack, and is that a plug or what actually is it? also, where is the other cam plug thats located behind the timing cover? do i have to remove that whole timing cover just to replace it? thanks, any tips on fixing this would be awesome, i love this car, engine runs great, body is in perfect shape as is my interior, headlights are clear as day, looks beautiful and runs beautiful, i mean sure it has some problems but everything can be fixed, and im pretty sure i can figure out how to do it with some help/pointers :) PS, can oil really kill an alternator? How does this happen? doesnt look like much oil is on it, though it does drip from the bottom of the alternator housing/casing.. Thanks a bunch!!
  11. Yeah, my cousin has a car (04' saturn ion, 2.2 I4) with the same issue, all DIY. we installed an short ram intake on his car the other day didnt take too long, had to cut the intake we bought about 3 inches for it to fit, buy some rubber grommets for the IAT sensor, and a coupler, but it mounted up securely and no CEL. success!! Haven't done anything to my 626 yet, has an oil leak and now the 3rd alternator (over the course of like 5-6 yrs.. still) has gone bad, alternator has less than 400 miles on it tho.. so i prob wont do anything until i figure out what the hell is going on with the electrical system lol. thanks for the tips tho man!
  12. I know its been months since your post, but i think the stock radios just have a common issue..same thing happened to mine, barely works, bang on it and it might work, volume barely works, cant see the display etc.
  13. Anyone? just need a base price for installation and a recommendation..
  14. Can anyone recommend a good cheap (80-150$) aftermarket cold air intake kit for my 2000 Mazda 626 LX V6 Auto? One thatll fit and i wont really have any problems with the MAF or IAT or anything like that? im kind of new to all of this. Also, if i wernt to install it (i would obviously try my self, doesnt seem to hard) how much would it cost to have a mechanic install it? (just a base price?) Thanks!