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  1. xtheonewhoknocks

    My lowered 00' 626

    Nice! what springs are those? after my springs settled, the front is absolutely slammed. causing lots tire wear due to excessive negative camber. Im buying a camber kit to hopefully fix it. the front of my car is way lower than the rear and im thinking about buying B&G lowering springs since theyre actually made for our cars, hopefully the drop will be even front and rear.
  2. xtheonewhoknocks

    My lowered 00' 626

    Update - Decided to try out a tire pen for white lettering despite some people thinking of it as a bit ricey - it actually came out really clean. Probably going to order another one and fill in "Douglas" On the opposite side of Performance.
  3. xtheonewhoknocks

    Clear Corners

    did you ever order them? Im desperately looking.
  4. xtheonewhoknocks

    My lowered 00' 626

    Thanks for the kind words! Wow, Yours looks great aswell! badass man and yeah Im going to get some 17's soon! I'll definitely be posting more pics as I do more stuff to it.
  5. xtheonewhoknocks

    Mazda 626

    Mazda 626
  6. xtheonewhoknocks

    Looking for clear corner lights 00' 626?! (please HELP!)

    I mean like the corner lights where our blinkers are, i want a non amber reflector, like a white/clear one. i could just use an amber bulb. the clear lense would look much cleaner in my opinion.
  7. xtheonewhoknocks

    My lowered 00' 626

    (TO CLEAR ANY CONFUSION, PICS INCLUDE MY CAR AFTER IT WAS LOWERED AND THE OTHERS ARE BEFORE PICTURES) Hey guys, just thought I'd share my lowered 2000 626, They're 92'-96 ford probe megan racing lowering springs. Advertised as a 2 inch drop. when i put them on and lowered my car slowly on the ground off the lift, i was so surprised at how much it actually lowered it. It could be lower in the rear, just a little, but i still love it. not sure what the actual drop was i didnt measure it or anything. wheels are stock 16x6.5 alloy wheels with 205/55/r16's. the front tires are tucked perfectly and looks great. Probably going to get new wheels soon, window tint, new headlights, and a custom exhaust (headers back, no cat or resonators, maybe a magnaflow muffler or something) . I'll keep posting and updating everyone as I do more. Long story short this was my dads car that had electrical problems and a bad fuel pump. i fixed the electrical problems and put a fuel pump in it, and my dad gave it to me as he was going to junk it if i couldnt fix it anyways.
  8. Ive looked all over and cant find ANY clear corner lights for my 2000 mazda 626.. found these https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.yourhotcar.com%2Fprod%2FCustom%2FHeadlights_%26_Tail_Lights%2FCorner_Lights%2FEuro_Crystal_Clear_Corner_Lights%2F532333%2F&h=ATPQGj32PKGjftXCEvSwPx1TLBtGHF0jmQPmCXQ8BrdaaVxIqYWh3USIfnHOURymiX82lhk0ls0Pw4oIfrLQD17jTmkOUv8BcCt3gNYDWSN3UX60GuOXsYu8Za2Dx6tiiI_x6OR73Al3IbltbOPdy5-C And they look PERFECT! but at the bottom of the page it says "Clear corner lights are illegal in most states. Please be advised: these lights will come with the amber reflector on the corner." What. what does this mean? They're $55 and i dont want to take a gamble and receive regular corner lights.. why would they advertise them as crystal clear corner lights if they have the amber reflector? has anyone ordered these? or does anyone know of anywhere else i can get clear corner lights? thank you.
  9. xtheonewhoknocks

    Lowering springs 2000 Mazda 626 V6

    looking to lower my 00' 626 before i get wheels for it, ive saw other posts about lowering but they were pretty old - does anyone know any lowering springs that will work with my car, and if so can you please post a link? not really looking to spend over $200 on the springs as installation is $200 also. thanks guys.
  10. xtheonewhoknocks

    Starting The Install.

    any updates recently? Seriously thinking about doing this with my 00' 626 with the KLG4.
  11. xtheonewhoknocks

    Want to lower my 00' 626! need help

    sweet thanks man ill check that vid out!
  12. xtheonewhoknocks

    Want to lower my 00' 626! need help

    looking to lower my 00' 626. can someone give me some links to the stuff i need. heres a pic posted on this site 4 yrs ago by ND28, he lowered his 626 and its EXACTLY what im looking for. anyone have any ideas on what i could use to achieve that height? thanks guys. btw, not looking to spend over $400/500.
  13. xtheonewhoknocks

    Oil leak killing my alternator?

    Fixed all my oil leaks bout a month ago by replacing all three cam plugs. my oil filler cap is also leaking oil down onto the alternator.. even after i got another from the junkyard. just gonna buy a new one from autozone tomorrow lol. btw, alternator still going strong with probably over 1k miles on it.
  14. xtheonewhoknocks

    Aftermarket cams?

    Wondering if there are any aftermarket / aggressive / performance camshafts available for the KLG4, thanks guys. cant find any my self, obviously. ive looked. :/