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  1. Hi, guys. My power window switch broke off from the cover and I want to attach it again. Do I have to remove the whole door plate to access it? Just wanted to know because there's two screws on that hard plastic cover, where one is at the door handle, which I don't want to unscrew in case some small parts suddenly goes adrift off behind the door plate.
  2. Hi, my '95 626 V6 is making this whining noise that increases with RPMs. It slows down when I let the gas pedal go, and it completely stops within seconds when I press the clutch in. I don't have an audio recording of my car, but it sounds very similar to this taking from a Jeep. It's as close as it gets. If I remember correctly it appeared after changing the timing belt and water pump some years ago (yeah, it's been an annoyance, but the car is driving fine). Any ideas? The main clue I have is that pressing the clutch silence it.
  3. Thanks, probably right. I'll have them check it out in due time.
  4. Hello, I've noticed some weird sounds from the engine room lately (1995 Mazda 626, 2.5 V6), and it sounds like a ringing phone (see video below.) Since it's on the left side of the engine room, I suspect it was perhaps the rollers and the belts making it. But when changing the lights from parking to e.g. driving, it stops for a second exactly as you turn the lights, before it starts again (I didn't test it a lot, so coincidence?), so can it be something electrical? Also, if you watch the video at the end when turning off the engine, there's a distinctive sound. Any ideas? Also, I'll do some more testing later, revving up the engine to see if it increases or goes away. I have no plates on it, so it's not everyday I'm in the garage.
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