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  1. OK, here is what I see...the passenger side axle connects to the extension shaft right at the bracket. The bracket has 2 bolts holding it to the engine block. These 2 bolts (most brackets on other cars have 3 I think) are very difficult to get to as there is a lot of stuff in the way. Also at the bracket, it looks like the axle joins the extension shaft but is covered by some type of coupling that has 2 bolts, one at the bottom and one on top of the shaft. I can feel the one on the top, but can't really see it. Question, do I take out the entire shaft assembly by removing the bracket bolt
  2. Yep, I'm on the ground, and one of the bolts looks like I will need an extended 14mm open end wrench to get on it and get it out.
  3. Spent all day trying to get the passenger side axle out. To get to the bracket bolts seems almost impossible. Anyone experienced getting these bolts out and any tips on how to do it? Very little clearance to get to the 2 bolts holding the bracket to the engine block. Thanks.
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