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  1. It sounds like an electrical Issue with the engine. Check your spark plugs, coil pack and plugs for corrosion or wear. As for the clicking I don't quite know. Maybe the electrical connection behind the key itself is weak. If it isnt under the hood then I would bet that that is where it is
  2. Hard to tell exactly what the problem is from this description but my advice is to take your own advice and check the engine mounts. Take a big bar if you have one and try to move the engine around. If you can budge it by more than a couple of inches with minimal effort with the car off then that is the problem. If not then it might be the harmonic balancer which is hard to check for without shop grade tools.
  3. I really wish I could buy it myself but I ask you please to keep it until someone on here replies. A car like that is too good to scrap. post it on craigslist for 1000 and Im sure someone will show up and offer you 500-800 for a running driving car
  4. Hello all, I just noticed my passenger front tire has about a half an inch of camber play when you jack it up and move the wheel, it is also making a terrible noise. It obviously needs an new wheel bearing but I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions on which auto parts store has the best quality parts. Any advice on how to make the job go more smoothly or general tips and tricks would also be appreciated.
  5. If it goes to the turbo it is probably either oil or coolant cooling lines going to the intercooler, I don't know for sure though because I own an N-A 2.0
  6. Sorry Im a little late but here is a picture of the drivers side fuse cover This is from an 1987 626 LX model with nearly all of the options. Hope this helps you
  7. Owner: Me! Location Upper peninsula Michigan Body type: Two door Model: LX Build/Compliance: 1986 Model year:1987 Engine: 2.0 Fuel Injected N/A Options: Sunroof, All electric windows, A/C (not working) Oscillating Vents, Top option stereo tape deck (works), Original manuals and Tire Change equipment, Manual Trans, Exterior/Interior Colors: Missouri Blue L4 exterior, Gray and blue interior No modifications Odometer: 113,237 mi.
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