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    1998 Mazda 626 lx v6
  1. Klg4 modifications

    Does anyone know what I'll be looking at for mid 200s? (With low boost because i really don't feel like doing enough work for anything that stock won't handle)
  2. Klg4 modifications

    I will admit the test wasn't done on a 626, but even considering that I'm sure that the results would be similar. The test was done on an s2000, and much more engineering probably went into designing that intake than the clunky thing we've got.
  3. Hey again, anyone know of any manual transmissions that fit the klg4?
  4. Klg4 modifications

    I have to disagree here, I've seen Dyno proof of them making more power. And the weight loss combined is definitely worth it in my opinion
  5. Klg4 modifications

    Thank you so much this really helps, what about aftermarket parts though? If I buy klde parts will they bolt to the klg4 or am I going to run into problems (like a CAI for example because that is my current dilemma)
  6. Klg4 modifications

    Will parts from a klde or klze bolt directly on to a klg4 engine? I know the klde and klg4 manifolds are interchangeable we all should know this but what about everything else?