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  1. Paulie626

    Atx to Mtx no start

    Hi guys, So I went ahead and did an automatic to manual swap on my 94" Mazda 626 2.0 I4. We are now struggling getting the car to start. I still have the automatic ECU as I read on the site that the transmission range can be manipulated to get the car to start? How does one go about doing that? Seems like the starter is having a hard time getting the engine to turn over. I saw two plugs on the ATX wiring (Transmission range connector + 2nd plug which I have no what it is used for). My other concern is, If I decide to get the manual ECU, would it just be plug and play - meaning that it would just start without having to jump wires etc..? Any help / suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Paulie626

    Mazda 626

    Mazda 626
  3. Paulie626

    Mazda 626 2.0i from SA!

    Thanx. I am planning to finally fix them up a few weeks from now.. They have some curb rash etc.. still deciding on a new color though. Will definitely upload some pics!
  4. Paulie626

    Mazda 626 2.0i from SA!

    Thanks for the kind words.. I didn't notice any difference with the ABS system when I fitted the rims.. Steering is better though.
  5. Paulie626

    Mazda 626 2.0i from SA!

    Thanks! I believe those are the stock wheels that came of a 2005 Mazda 6.
  6. Paulie626

    Mazda 626 2.0i from SA!

    Here she is.. A few pics of my 94" 626. What do you guys think? Other than the Mazda 6 rims(which needs some tlc), lowered suspension and upgraded exhaust...I still have a lot of plans. Greetings from down here in South Africa..!
  7. Hi all. Okay so here's a few symptoms that my car is showing but I'm not quite sure where to start looking for the problem. The car had a blown head gasket March this year. My mechanic fixed it (removed the head and sent it in for repairs, and reassemble..etc) . After he was done the car was back and running fantastic again. It drove fine for the first two weeks or so but then I noticed that when I come to a stop light, the car would occasionally stall. The revs would go extremely low and I noticed the revs bumping slightly up & down. This didn't happen before. Now it happens every single day when the engine is warmed up not when it's cold. My mechanic told me my TPS was out of spec but I removed my thottle body myself and re-adjusted it back into spec (it was out a bit) according to the workshop manual. Throttle back in the car...still the same problem. I even upgraded my exhaust to freeflow (my old stock exhaust muffler was rusted and had a big hole in it) - hoping it would improve performance and fuel consumption but still no luck - the fuel economy went worse after this upgrade!! I get like 200km (if I'm lucky) out of a half tank which is equivalent to 124 miles on 8 gallons (not sure if my math is correct here). A friend of mine also suggested to clean my throttle. Does it need some cleaning? Also do you need a new throttle body gasket when removing it? I didn't see a gasket when I removed mine for my TPS adjustment. I should also mention that when accelerating something in my engine bay sounds like an exhaust leak - not loud but just air blowing / hissing kind of sound, the garage that installed my new exhaust checked for leaks on the exhaust 3 times already and they can't find any leaks. I am so frustrated with this issue!!! I use the car on a daily basis. Being a BMW enthusiast, I've started falling in love with this 626!! Any, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Will upload pictures of my ride some other time,,cheers for now!
  8. Paulie626

    Bad gas mileage

    Thanks Will do so in the future. But could the upgrades that I've mentioned - freeflow exhaust have a negative impact? And is it advisible to also upgrade your intake and manifold?
  9. Paulie626

    Bad gas mileage

    Hi guys Unfortunately my first question is negative. But what I wanted to know is why is my fuel comsumption so weak? 2 days ago I filled my tank(did reset my mileage count), only drove to work which is like 35km's away from home so on a daily basis its approximately 70+ km driven. My driven distance is now on 158 km and my fuel gauge is already just above half. Is this normal for this kind of distance (I do have to stop at a few traffic lights). Have to mention that I've recently installed a 50mm free flow exhaust system and the guys at the garage said that I should upgrade my intake to a cold air intake and also get a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, my current is stock 4-1-1. I got the car from my parents so I'm not that familiar with it's fuel consumption on a daily basis. All answers would be very much appreciated. Thanx in advance. Will surely post some more questions.