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  1. Another crank, no start issue

    Gave up on project, diagnosed in October with multiple myeloma, now in treatment and doing well but have to adjust my priorities and projects. Will have to sell it as is or scrap it. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all
  2. Another crank, no start issue

  3. Another crank, no start issue

    Middle of Michigan
  4. Another crank, no start issue

    Mechanic knew less than I did-confirmed low compression, then wanted ok for another $150 to check timing belt timing. When I told that I'd done that, and to assume timing was ok, next plan was to either get motor rebuilt for $4500 or to get used engine swapped for $2100. Apparently nobody does ring jobs anymore. I told them I couldn't justify that expense for a car that cost $1400 and has 190,000 miles. I'll bring it home and tear into it-putting rings in will be labor intensive but not a big expenditure. Hopefully I can discover something during the process to explain what happened
  5. Another crank, no start issue

    I agree, but I can't figure out why a car that was starting and running well would suddenly lose compression because my wife slammed on the brakes. ??
  6. Another crank, no start issue

    Battery voltage is 12.8, so that doesn't appear to be the problem. Have to see what the auto shop can figure out.
  7. Another crank, no start issue

    Plugs work. Did compression test. 60-15-30-40. Somewhat different than first time. Seems to turn over slowly so I hooked up my charger on 25 amp jump to give some extra oomph. I haven't checked out the battery, which may be older. If it isn't that, I'm going to tow it to my trusty mechanic and see what they can find.
  8. Another crank, no start issue

    Got everything back together, and starter works now(probably since ground now connected at motor mount). Fuel came out when banjo bolt loosened and key turned on. Took plugs out and they all sparked when grounded. Still have to do compression test again and see results. Will update.
  9. Another crank, no start issue

    So now the starter isn't working-I had to devise a tool to hold the crank pulley. Distributer appears to be lined up right. Timing appears spot on, tensioner spring looks like new. I'm going to put things back together, and double check as I go. Doesn't make sense that sudden stop would do away with compression (car was starting and running without problem) unless timing jumped-which it shows no sign of. May have to get new starter if doesn't heal as I reassemble it. Welcome any ideas about root cause
  10. Another crank, no start issue

    Took off distributer cap and it appears to be lined up with #1 for firing. Still want to loosen tensioner pulley and play with it to evaluate cam timing. All indications are that some other calamity than jumping time caused the sudden no-start problem
  11. Another crank, no start issue

    Had a couple other projects to finish(clutch in new beetle and rebuilt heads/water pump/timing belt in Subaru) so moved Mazda into pole barn and got crank pulley and guard off. Timing appears to be lined up. Have to check distributer and will probably replace tensioner spring, although it is new style and looks ok in place. Any suggestions before I throw up my hands and start putting things back together? Starter apparently died in the interim as I had to make a tool to take crank bolt out.
  12. 2000 626 won't start please help

    any success? I'm trying to diagnose something similar
  13. Another crank, no start issue

    got compression tester and checked cylinders, 60-15-30-30. from some of the other threads, this sounds like maybe it jumped time, but I'll have to dismantle things further to see the timing mark on the crank pulley. I thought I and E were supposed to line up at TDC-which they did with a screwdriver down the plug hole in #1, but maybe there is something I'm missing?
  14. Another crank, no start issue

    no copies of anything, so I'm not sure they ran compression test-I doubted their info since the engine is non-interference, and didn't bother to do my own compression test-I'll have a chance to work on it more next week so I'll check compression and spark before I start to reassemble things.
  15. Another crank, no start issue

    I discovered the plug markings were backward, so I ws on #4, but #1 should also be at tdc. Not sure where it lines up with the crank mark as I still have the bottom shield on