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    82 626 sedan
  1. Benjography

    CB sedan engine options

    Ok so I've narrowed my search down to a 1998 Kia Sportage FE engine, does anyone know if it's an easy swap? I have the whole Sportage here so I'm hoping I have everything I need to do the conversion. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. Benjography

    1980 626 1.6 camshaft worn during breakin

    I have a MA cam here, in good condition if you are interested? I'm in Brisbane Australia
  3. Benjography

    parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    Do you have the brake booster? Mine has rusted through. Postage to QLD please if available
  4. Benjography

    CB sedan engine options

    Hey all, great forum! Hope to be a long time member. so after 4 years a friend let me but his old CB from underneath the large tree in his backyard, been asking him for it almost weekly and now it's mine. got it home and started cleaning everything up abit, but the old MA has had it. Head is sitting in the boot and the motor has rusted through the galleries and indie the bores. ive spent the last week googling on possible engines swaps, with most people saying go rotary or fe dohc. i have priced both locally and seem to be $3500 plus depending on condition. i have looked at sohc from early b2000's and I can get a 2007 model e2000 fe for $1600 but apparently that's too new, according to the wrecker. would a mx-5 1.6 or 1.8 engine bolt in pretty easily? Or are there any other injected engines that bolt in with minimal work? I have about 2 months to get something in and at least running, and have a whole MA here in parts if anyone needs anything. thanks for any input that anyone would like to add, cheers!