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  1. I did it with 88 - 92 honda civic mirrir and they fit with a really minor mod... Here is a pic of the full car renzooo@hotmail.com if you need more infos
  2. renzooo

    Door Trims

    They arrived yesterday and it's real brushed stainless steel, these are the original from mazda... Really solid stuff
  3. renzooo

    Door Trims

    I payed 40 euros for the 4 pieces, so around 50 US$...
  4. renzooo

    Door Trims

    Bought those in second hand on ebay Germany... 4 pieces for front and rear doors... They would arrive in the following days...
  5. renzooo


    A memeber went to 20' but with no drop, and it looks ridiculous. Yeah i wear 20' but shit I look stupid Pictures available on this site
  6. Thanks, I'll check that tomorrow !!
  7. Personnaly I think those wheel are very nice and not too big. What is the size of your tires ? Renzooo
  8. Hello, I've a 93 GE and one of my headlight doesn't work anymore. My first idea was a bulb problem but it isn't My second idea was a fuse problem but I lost the fuse list. So I've two questions : 1/ Is there one fuse for the two headlights or one for each ? 2/ Where are those fuse located, exactly Many thanks for your help !! RenZooo
  9. Hello and welcome. First thing, if your car is a 92 you haven't post your thread in the good section... Here it's for the 93-97 cars... Renzooo
  10. I did it, and some others, look on www.cardomain.com/id/mazdacommunity in the custom section
  11. Hello I got a european 626 GE and one of my two headlights is'nt working anymore. The bulb is OK. Does anyone know if there is a fuse for each headlight or only one for both and where they are (I lost the cover of the fusebox where are all the placement details)... Thanks in advance... RenZooo
  12. Thanks, I had read the count of words but not of pics Better now !
  13. RenZooo 2 Fast front bumper, Pakfeifer modified rear bumper, Postert skirts, Supra wing, chrome wheels, 35mm lowering springs, HID 8000 K, Automoderna eyelids, tinted windows, clear trunk, Cristal taillights, Custom front grille, Custom side view mirrors, Isotta steering wheel and shifter, full interior paintjob sport black leather seats, undercar blue neon kit, inside blue neons, Phoenix Gold system...
  14. renzooo


    Do you mean this kind of conversion ?
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