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  1. Never mind, found out what's wrong, thanks again for help
  2. I wired it up and car now starts, but it doesn't work propertly on 36-1 tooth mode, on 36-2 it works fine but det3 canno't synchronise the ignition, and that means I am unable to modify timing, I tried other modes too but no luck (no sync or the timing is off). But the wheel has 35 teeth or I'm wrong? I can't count them to know for sure :D
  3. Hi, I'm trying to wire up a piggyback (det3) and I got a problem with crankshaft position sensor, I can't find any info about it, I need to know what type is it, and maybe a pinout or something, it hast 3 pins, 1st is gnd and other two shows 1.5v, plese help.
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