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  1. rathofcon

    Mazda 626

    Mazda 626
  2. I just replaced the VCG on two of my 626's this year and my 3rd Mazda last year and would suggest the following. Pulling the rear valve cover requires removing the intake manifold. Be extra careful not to pull on the vacuum lines going up under the intake manifold. The nipples to the check valve and vacuum canisters can snap off very easily. I know, just bought 2 canisters and 1 check valve and they are only available from Mazda. I lifted the manifold up before disconnecting one of the hoses and the canister nipple snapped. On my 2nd car, the check valve nipple snapped just from normal use. I suggest getting some high temp silicon vacuum hose and use that for all of the connections to the intake manifold. It is expensive but worth it in the end. Be there, done that, got the prize.
  3. rathofcon

    Mazda 626

    Mazda 626
  4. rathofcon

    Mazda 626

    Mazda 626
  5. Shae, Check out this thread. Maybe it will help. https://mazda626.net/topic/46389-oil-leak-fix-need-help/
  6. Buy a overflow tank with a life time warrantee. I have replaced it twice in my wife's Mazda. Took the old one in, and they gave a brand spanking new one at no cost.
  7. Just be aware that the gasket that goes around the thermostat will need to be purchased separately. I tried using the old gasket and it just tore on me, so had to make a 2nd trip to the parts house.
  8. If you are replacing your water pump, it would be a good time to think about changing out the timing belt and rollers. 3 months after I changed the water pump on my wife's car I was back under the covers because of a broken timing belt. It is not all that hard to do. Just tight quarters so it take a lot of patience. And a short short 10mm socket.
  9. swman04, Did you get this issue resolved? I have the same problem on my wife's 626. I swapped O2 sensor up front and that did not have any affect.
  10. I have replaced CV axles on both of my Mazda 626s. The only difference I have seen is ABS vs. Non ABS. One of my cars actually has an ABS axle but the car does not have ABS (bought it that way).
  11. I had a similar problem with my Mazda 626. It would hesitate and lights would dim when ever I took a hard curve or slammed on the brakes. Turned out it was a loose ground connection under the air box. Took me 3 weeks to find the problem, but a 10mm socket was all it took to fix the problem.
  12. I have swapped starters on my wife's car and mine. We both own 2000 Mazda 626 V6. Hers has 350k miles and mine has 165k miles. When I swapped starters all I did was pull off the air box and connectors, remove the small bolt holding down the transmission fluid pipe, and pull a couple of smaller hoses just to get them out of the way. I was able to do a total swap in less than an hour. The hard part is getting to the 2 bolts on the back side of the starter. That can be done with some effort.
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