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  1. there isn't any other supports between the two apart from those three brackets in the pics. I really appreciate your help man, I was struggling for a while, pm me if there are any other bits of info I can share with you.
  2. damn it haha I see it on that exploded diagram now.. legit face palm haha. well that solves that!
  3. well, that bracket that is bolted over the manifold bracket wont clear the oil pan lip if it is behind the manifold bracket. I tried that at first.
  4. yeah that one is the one I cant find a home for, the other brackets are where they need to be now.
  5. also, you were so right about putting the bolts in the wrong spot!
  6. so that is where I'm currently at, but there's still that one bracket that I posted earlier, I am not yet seeing a home for it.
  7. yeah there is one there, its currently 20 degrees so after i warm up ill snap a pic for you, the other thing though i was just out there trying to get it mounted properly, it looks like it will fit but all the screws i have left bottom out before they meet the plate. so there is another part that goes on there some how
  8. huge help! when I get it all buttoned up, ill take a few pics of it, assuming I do it right.
  9. hey man thanks, you have the diagram of exactly what I have been looking for for like a week and a half. that piece in the pic is what I couldn't find a home for, it looks like figure 2 in your first pic.
  10. So, last week I replaced the clutch in my 88 626 turbo. I did the job in a hurry so as a result, I lost track of where all the mounting brackets need to go. I have also searched high and low for any kind of diagram that shows bracket locations (other than trans and engine mounts) and had no luck so far. the chilton i have for this car isn't real specific either. Anyone have any useful links for my predicament?
  11. chally

    body panels?

    i did find a hood at a wrecker that wasn't too bad, but not the straightest.
  12. chally

    body panels?

    it could be very cheap, im just north of everett
  13. chally

    body panels?

    looking for a hood, either stock or aftermarket, is that exists also a hatch
  14. chally

    body panels?

    does anyone know a reliable source for body panels for a 1988 626 turbo?
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