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  1. Thanks for all the information in this topic! Yesterday my dad an I changed the clutch on my '87 1.6 and we choose to took the route to remove the left suspension, slide the gearbox to the left and replace the clutch that way. Taking it easy it only took us 7 hours including a parts run for the small bearing. With new oil in the gearbox if feels like a brand new gearbox. before it did not want to slide from 3rd into 2nd above 15MPH, now no problems at all anymore.
  2. I went to a japanese specialist junkyard but they only carry much newer cars. I looked at a lot of the newer cars to see if there are seats that would fit without to much modifications, unfortunately I did not find any. On the way to the junkyard I noticed a shop I saw online that has a lot of bucket seats on stock for fair prices. He had a set of Tenzo bucket seats that had a nice color, fitted my and my wife's ass and the bolt holes where not to much off. I had to convince the wife as the seats where more then she wanted to spend. The argument that we could sell them separately when selling the car did the trick . We made a deal and took the seats home. The original seats have holes 41cm apart in the width and 30 in the length. The Tenzo seats 40.5 and 28. The difference in width is no problem due to some room on the holes in the rails were they mount on the car. The 2 cm difference in length was very easy to fix, the rails already had square holes on the right spot, I just had to enlarge them so the bolts went through. Here are some pics of the results.
  3. Thanks for the offer Dan, but i am located in the Netherlands and it's a low budget 2nd car for us, so shipping in some seats will be way to costly.
  4. Yeah i figured as much Chief Tool. The deluxe models are very hard to find and by now most will have a lot of miles and busted seats or would have been out in the rain at the junk yard. Guess it will have to be the tape measure solution and see what would fit without to much modifications.
  5. Hello all, End of last year we bought a 87 626 GC 1.6 with just 65000km. It needed some tlc due to some rust to get it roadworthy but other than that it is a solid car. We also did all the maintenance and replaced the timing belt so she is good to go for a couple more years easily. We have been driving it for a while now and noticed the front seats are not that comfortable. Are there GC owners here that upgraded their seats? I was wondering if there are better seats from other cars that bolt in without to much adjustments needed. Thanks in advance!
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