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    98, Mazda 626, 2.0, FS2 Head, manual
  1. After pressure checking the radiator, my guess would be the water pump.
  2. Motor search

    I have a 98 Mazda 626LX 2.0l, 5 Speed MT, 255K miles, California/Low emmisions motor Searching for a small block, hopfully low mileage, Not easy. Question: I've notice FS-DE, what does it mean? how do I determine what I have? Why do I need to replace the motor/block with the same block? How is a low emmission(CA) motor better than a standard motor and what is the difference? What's the difference between a AT and MT regarding the motor/block? Jim
  3. I'm not a mechanic, but I'm thinking coil. Do you have spark?
  4. Hello, I will try and make this as brief as possible. I have a 98 Mazda 626LX 2.0l, 5 Speed MT, 255K miles, Additioanal Info: California/Low emmisions motor VIN: 1YVGF22CXW5747529 Because of smoking issues, it was suggested that the valve seals were warn. Making this as easy as possible I replaced the FS2 head w/ another FS2 (no distributor). Once the head job was finished, started the motor and all was fine except for the the additional smoke, even worse than before. It's suggested that with the replacement of the head , it has created more compression and forcing oil through or past the rings, is creating the added exhaust/(embarrassing) SMOKE. i am searching for suggestions, Money is short as usual, but will do what I have to do. I'm thinking, used engine(low mileage), remanufactured small block. Any help/suggestionjs is appreciated, including place to turn to for a motor. Question: I've notice FS-DE, what does it mean? how do I determine what I have? What's the difference between a AT and MT reagarding the motor/block? Jim
  5. 98, 626, 2.0L, FS2 head replacement

    RacerX, thank you replying so quickly! The head has the stamp FS2 on the old head. When I ordered the replacement head they sent an FS9, I called them and said that the original stamp has FS2. It doesn't have a distributor. I sent it back and they sent the correct head. The rebuilt head is at the shop, I won't be able to get those pictures until tomorrow. attached is pictures that I could get.
  6. Hi all, Newbie to the site... This weekend my best friend and I are swapping the head out of my 98 626. Reason: bad valve seals, Norm(BF) said it would easier to swap the head. The information that i am searching for is Timing Belt timing and Head bolt torque specs. My friend is a great mechanic and I wouldn't trust just anyone to do the job. With that being said... If anyone has done a head job on a similar car/motor, I would be greatful to hear(warnings and anything else you would like to add) from you.. In advance, Thank you! Jim 98, Mazda, 626 2.0l FS2 When I bought the head, the shop said I must have a 2.2l.