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  1. 1982 CB2 TACHO

    Hi fellas. Quick question hopefully its an easy fix, my dash tacho was working just fine not long ago then all pf a sudden it wants to play games. Looked at tje wiring diagram and no luck. Help please Im running a 13b injected bridgy now. Microtech ecu but it was all running in sync now all pf a sudden it stoped.
  2. Free Work Shop Manual For Cb 2.0L Ma

    Where can i get this manual from?
  3. Any Nsw Members

    Cool can i get the 1 that pushes it foward 50mm ? im running a s5 na and box if that helps. Can you private message me for my number and details. Where abouts are you located.
  4. Any Nsw Members

    Hey mate are you still making these?
  5. parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    Do you have pics bro?
  6. Rotary 626 81?

    Hey mate can you still get those mounts?.
  7. parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    Thanks mate. So its sold then?
  8. 1980 Mazda 626 Gearbox

    Thanks mate. Unfortunatly he wants to sell complete. And im in brisbane
  9. parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    Mate do you have the brake and clutch peddle box?.
  10. 1980 Mazda 626 Gearbox

    Do you still have parts?
  11. Peddle box

    Hi guys. Looking for a manual brake and clutch peddlebox to convert my auto to maual.