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  1. Hey guys I've got the fet motor in my gc I was just wondering because I'm having a real hard time with this motor what other 2l 626 motors that would be around and would be good to put in my gc. Don't wanna get tunnel vision with this old engine but things arnt looking good for her.
  2. I'm the only one left in the state who ones one off these I have the blue gc most of you probably have seen this. Having trouble getting it to run properly. She fires idles revs for a bit until the dash lights flicker and then it stalls. Have been told when there on empty they won't run at all. Have had my injectors reconditioned new dizzy, coil, fuel filter seals and gaskets replaced. Anyone have any ideas at all? Couple people think it could be the afs or dodgy fuel pump.
  3. glad someone actually seen this haha hears a pic of my engine.
  4. not to sure if it's the loom just what a mechanic thought when I took it to him. What it's doing is it'll start idle for a bit I can hear a little bit of air getting sucked into the throttle body so I replaced the electronic fuel injection seal. That helped! So once it is idling the dash lights flicked then it stalls. I've been told when these cars are on near empty they won't start.
  5. Chris117


    Hey guys I'm from Tasmania and I own a 1986 Mazda 626 gt coup very neat! i need a new wiring loom for it and maybe 2 new injectors if anyone's knows a good site to get it off please let me know.
  6. Hello 626 fans! I own a 1986 Mazda 626 gt turbo coup only regoed one in my state update on my problems I need a new wiring looms as mins buggered if anyone knows an online site I can buy one please let me know! Motor has had a rebuild its coming along nicely now. so if anyone reads this please write back would be appreciated
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