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  1. Does anyone know how to remove the rear calliper unit itself from the holder/lower guidance pin Its a GW from november 2000. some yunkyards say its a facelift version if that is any usefull for this. Need to replace my rear ones (but don't know how to get it of the lower guidance pin) (need to be replaces due to e brake not functioning anymore) Thanks in advance
  2. This friday i replaced my rear left abs sensor. Since it ohmed out above 1.46kOhm, and got a rear left code in abs computer. Got an new one (same part number), unplugged battery terminals. Removed old one and installed new one. (Did reset abs computer after hooking everything up) Problem is after driving arou d for a day my tcs & tcs off lights just randomly come on. Jumperd the abs pin (in dlc) & negative. Pulled codes 14 -17 -82 from abs computer, abs seems to work fine however, another thing is when i jump the terminal and negative lead and then switch to o
  3. Today i wanted to go home from work. Tried to start my car (cold engine) Would not start the first 7-8 key turns (roughly 4-5 seconds per try). Have to mention its a dual fuel car (LP - LPG & petrol). When it did start i could not rev it passed 2000rpm. When it reached 2000 rpm it imediatly dropped back to idle rpm (kept doing that) Cold start is always on petrol ( switches to lp-lpg when engine coolant temp is around 30 degrees celsius). Parked the car on the side of the road while i just let it idle there i switched the fuel selecter switch to petrol to let it warm up easely. Af
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