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    Mazda 626 1999 LS
  1. Hello, i have a mazda 626 and tonight when i pressed the gas the car would start to vibrate and a loud noise came from underneath. it sounded like i was driving a motorboat. the check engine light has periodically been on and off due to my catalytic converter going bad. (planned to replace it next month light is currently off). I was wondering if maybe that would be the issue. the car is a 2000 model 626 LE. im aware of 626s having bad transmissions. im really hoping its not that but it may be the issue. im dead broke at the moment and deff need a car to get to and from work.
  2. Gekkogear

    After Market Radio Install Help

    I got it to work and out of spite tried the fader and stuff because i wanted to make sure it worked. The back speakers arent playing. I have no clue if the old radio played them.im going to take the new radio out and put the old one back in to see if it plays through all 4 speakers. If not im going to check the the connections are in the right spots. If that doesnt work, shat should i do? If theyve blown there should still be sound coming out of them but theres absolutly no sound and the wires are in all the way in the trunk. Is there fuses for the speakers and such?
  3. Gekkogear

    After Market Radio Install Help

    already have the harness hooked up. I need to know if its ok to cut the ground connector so i can splice it to the radio ground wire
  4. The after market radio that i purchased has a ground wire in the connector. The mazda 626 1999 LS has a ground with its own plug. Do i cut this wire in order to splice it with the wire on the aftermarket radio or is there a different way to do it? Also whats the antenna power (blue wire) for? Theres no connection for it and a blue with white stripe wire. I tied them together and moved them out of the way for now. Any help? The after market radio also has a blue wire with a white strip called the system remote control wire. Where do i splice that to? (No biggie if i cant. Dont plan on using the remote)