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  1. Piet

    I’m sure I’m not qualified to answer that question other than to say that I have replaced my mounts repeatedly. That seems to be the result rather than the cause.
  2. Piet

    See my post about the same issue, asking about torque converter. Maybe someone can give us some insight.
  3. My 1993 Mazda 626 2.0 automatic has had a very, very rough idle for years! Especially when you turn on the AC which is most of the time here. The whole car shakes! There is a very uninformative video on YouTube in which someone describes and shows his rough idle. His title says “bad torque converter” but there is no other information. Since I have replaced nearly every other thing including the engine and the transmission, maybe it’s time for a torque converter? Can anyone explain this or give any more information?
  4. A/c Expansion Valve Location?

    That's pretty vague to those of us who have never been "inside the dashboard". Where do I start?