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  1. My quess, warped head.
  2. The pistons are the hottest parts in your engine, cooling is important, unless you want to take the risk of molten pistons. Normally, your engine has enough oil pressure, it's designt with oil squirters. If your not having enough oil pressure, there's somthing wrong. You better fix that, instead of removing things.
  3. But why should you delete them? What's the reason of deleting them. What's the advantage? Personally, i think it's quite stupid to remove them, if you have a stock engine. What i read, people who did this mod, uses forged pistions. They are way stronger than standard pistons. There's no need for extra oil pressure with a stock engine. The oil squirters are ment for cooling your pistons.
  4. Why should you plug off your oil squirters? I don't think mazda put them there for no reason.
  5. rear driverside, but forget what i said, did not read correct. I thought your window wasn't working at all.
  6. Had that probleem a few years ago. After pulling apart the mechanism it turned out the electric motor was jammed in some way. Took it apart, cleaned everything up and put it back together, never had a problem again.
  7. Adjusting the ignition: Warm up the engine. Place a jumper wire between GND & TEN (in OBD diagnose connector). Start engine and check the advance timing with a timing light. Should be 10 degrees btc. If not, loosen up distribitor bolts and adjust by turning de distribitor. tighten bolts and remove jumper wire. Adjust idle air screw: Warm up engine, place jumper wire between GND & TEN. Idle speed should be between 650 and 700rpm, if not adjust idle air screw until it is between 650 and 700 rpm. remove jumper wire.
  8. Well you din't replace the spring off the tensioner pully, and now your timing belt keeps jumping teeth.. Maybe you should replace the spring
  9. The diamond shape badge looked to much like the renault logo, so mazda had to change it. That's why there so rare.
  10. lots of penetrating oil and a good quality wrench.
  11. The engine already has a factory mounted cold air intake. A better one then you possibly can make yourself. You better invest in a good quality insert filter.
  12. I would change the tensioner spring no matter what. It's not worth the risk of damaging your engine, because such of a cheap part.
  13. It means, your ABS is not working because of an system fault. Most likely an abs sensor on one of the 4 wheels, thats not working.
  14. You can remove the half shaft without removing the intermediate shaft. You "just" have to tap the inner knuckle of the intermediate shaft. It's just a spring on the axle splines that holds the knuckle.
  15. Did some researche. There seems to be two types of the kl-ze, a low compression (curved-neck) and a high compression (long neck). The low compression is non interferance, the high compression is interferance. So i guess where both right..:0)