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  1. marcel21674

    Mushy clutch pedal

    The brakes and clutch share the same reservoir, but they are actualy seperated by a divider in the reservoir. If you look by the filler cap, your actualy looking in the brake reservoir. So it could seem that your reservoir is full, while your clutch reservoir is empty.
  2. Where does it leak from the reservoir tank? From under the cap or a crack in the reservoir itself?
  3. marcel21674

    New Timing Belt - 2.5L

    Could be some some trapped air in your cooling system to.
  4. marcel21674

    New Timing Belt - 2.5L

    that's correct
  5. marcel21674

    New Timing Belt - 2.5L

    After a second look, you have the right timing in the first picture..
  6. marcel21674

    New Timing Belt - 2.5L

    The rear cam is on the wrong tining mark. These should allign with the two small dots on the sprocket. The actual timing mark is a bitch to see with the engine in the car. This is the right line up.:
  7. Parts telling you they are ok, can still be defective. A sensor that's of his factory settings, will not necessarily pull a fault code on your ECU, but it can cause a lot of problems. Especcialy mafs are known to be bad but not pulling a fault on your ECU.
  8. marcel21674

    Solenoid help?

    PRC-solenoid is interchangeble with the VRIS-solenoids
  9. marcel21674

    Solenoid help?

  10. marcel21674

    Solenoid help?

    prc-solenoid should look like this.
  11. marcel21674

    Solenoid help?

    These are the EGR control solenoids. This is a VRIS-solenoid
  12. marcel21674

    Solenoid help?

    if they are interchangeble, they have the same layout of vacume connections and more important, the same electrical connector. VRIS solenoids are not interchangeble with the EGR solenoids.
  13. marcel21674

    Want to lower my 00' 626! need help

    I put the suspension of a mazda mx6, under my 626. Lowers it a good 3 a 4 cm's.
  14. marcel21674

    4 cylinder timing belt replacement issues

    Did you change everything? belt and pully's or just the timing belt? And even more inportant, did you replace the tensioner spring?
  15. marcel21674


    I think it's cheaper and easyer to replace it, with a used one. Tricky bit is, you don't know what you get..