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    2000 mazda 626 2.5l v6 auto
  1. P0340 Trouble Code

    Marcel so if I replace the ignition module it should help?
  2. P0340 Trouble Code

    So it's like I fix one thing just for something else to go out. So I have 2000 mazda 626 v6 and I was driving it yesterday and the engine just lost power out of no where and never started again after that it threw out codes p0340 and p0300 I'm trying to figure out is it the camshaft sensor that would go out just like that out of no where? What can I do?
  3. P0340 Trouble Code

    So it's like I fix one problem just for another one to appear I was driving my car fine yesterday and out of no where the engine lost power and would not start at all it threw out a code p0300 and p0340 so I'm trying to figure what should I do from here
  4. Ok so I have a 2000 mazda 626 2.5l v6 and I've been leaking some water and coolant and I found out it was my water pump. I was just wondering how long of a job is it to change it out? How easy of a job is it?
  5. Engine Oil Leak 2000 Mazda 626 2.5 V6

    So I have a 2000 mazda 626 v6 2.5l and I have a super bad oil leak I'm putting in 4 to 5 quarts a day because it's just leaking out I don't know much about cars but I do know it's in the area of the back valve cover gasket I want to say it might be a camshaft seal but I'm not to sure