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    1999 626 4cyl auto
  1. My 99 loses brake fluid just sitting in the driveway. The paint on the black power booster shows something running, so it would appear the fluid is leaking out behind the master cylinder and the booster. Is this a gasket problem or do I need to replace the master cylinder?
  2. Baradonai

    Charging Problems 1999 626 4cyl

    Wound up buying a rebuilt alternator and it seems to be fine. A guess would be that the alt. generated enough juice to pass AutoZone test but not enough for the car to function? Now to replace the CV axle. Ugh.
  3. New here. Hi all! My father gave my daughter his 1999 626. It sat in his driveway for two years. She's been driving it for 6 months. Had to replace lots of stuff to keep it running. The thing that is annoying us at the moment is the charging system. She was driving home and the radio starting cutting out and the lights dimmed and the engine started bucking. The battery indicator came on. She made it home. Now to me that says alternator. But at some suggestions I read, we had the battery checked and Auto Zone said it was bad. Bought a new one, car started right up, no battery indicator. Sweet. She drove it to work 2-3 times and then it started dying again. She made it home. I then decided it must be the alternator. I didn't want to risk a tow charge, so I pulled the alternator out at home in the driveway (which many of you know it is a pain in the neck) and took it to Autozone. It tested good. AAAARRGGH! Put it back in and replaced both battery connectors and had the new battery charged and check. It tested good. Once all this was in, the car started right up and she drove it to work for a week and a half. Then last Tuesday it did it again. I Jiggled the alternator connector and started the car. No battery indicator. Waited until today to mess with it. It started and I drove it to Advanced Auto to get electrical connector cleaner. Went to start it to come home and nothing. Dead as a doornail. Guy jumped me off and I made it home. Just for giggles I turned on the lights after I parked and it killed the engine. I'm hoping someone will have a "I had that happen to me and it was a bad tail light" story for me. Otherwise...suggestions? Even though this was a "free" car, we've already sunk about a grand into to it. I'm hoping this is something simple and cheap. Thanks.