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  1. I just bought these 17s. Darn. I wrecked one of the ball joints so I'll probably throw the poly bushings in the front before our next race.
  2. Definitely going to get a set of the king6 trailing arms. Did y'all run poly bushings on the front control arms? I see they are available on the king6 website for the stock control arms. Do you have a tire recommendations? We ran Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R's at 235/45/17 on a 17" x 8" rim. These tires were grippy, but they wore incredibly fast. Won't be using them again for endurance racing.
  3. Thank you for the tips! We're out of New Orleans. Right now we're racing in any series that is close and will let us run. We're still pretty rookie and seat time is probably the best improvement we can make to our lap times. We did a WRL event at NOLA Motorsports this past weekend with great results (for us). I added Yonaka Coilovers and the AWR bar as well as some new bushings in the trailing arms. I had purchased a set of JIC magic coilovers for a Protege off of a forum a while ago, and the shocks were totally shot but I was able to use the camber plates with the Yonaka coilovers, so we were able to add a good bit of negative camber up front. The car handled remarkably better, fast lap was a 2.13 v. a 2.27 at the Lemons race at the same track in March. I'd like to be able to add more negative camber in the rear and I'd like to get the car lower and the rear lateral arms/links need some love as they are old and the rubber bushings in them are shot. The rear rear bar is also not boxed. The 2.5 uses the same transmission as the 2.0 with a different bell housing and slightly different gearing I think, but the mazdaspeed LSD should work if it worked in your trans. I'll do some research. I'm pretty certain I can feel what you're talking about as far as mid corner gas pedal not doing much.
  4. Hola. Quick question from a racing newb. Race a probe and we've finally managed to keep it running and on track long enough to care about suspension setup. I'm wondering how y'all determine ride height. From my basic internet reading I'm supposed to keep the control arms, or in this case rear lateral links, parallel to the ground or at a positive angle. However, this leaves the car sitting waaaay up in the air. Suggestions? Is this not actually an issue or is there something that y'all have modified as far as the mounting points for the lateral arms?
  5. Interesting. I don't know much about ABS wheel speed sensors, but my initial internet research revealed that the part numbers for 93-97 626s were different than even the 98+ sensors (from a part # perspective). From what you're saying I can just walk out to the junkyard and find any mazda and grab ABS wheels speed sensors off of it?
  6. Hey y'all, I haven't used this forum much but I'm trying to locate a front left and right ABS wheel speed sensor for 93-97. It's actually going on a probe but the probetalk website died. I know this is probably the wrong forum but I don't have enough posts for the trade/buy forum. Thanks!
  7. Do the turbo. You'e already done the whole reliability thing.
  8. I think the reason you loop it instead of capping it is that capping it creates an area where an air pocket can easily develop. Could easily be wrong though. But it certainly makes sense to cap them. I think all heater cores are designed to allow coolant to bypass the radiator so that you have heat before the thermostat opens up.
  9. I read this entire thread. What a story. Way to take the time to document all of this and share so much info. Also thanks for responding to my post on probetalk with so much info as well.
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