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  1. Anyone still know the url of the genuine mazda parts website or can tell me where I can find the Alternator's Idler Nut( that secures the pulley in place)
  2. Almost a month later, I'm dropping off a few co-workers after a long shift, and it seems as if I'm running low on power steering fluid. The car then stalled as if it had cut off then cut back on and I was able to make it to the neighborhood I live in. The whole way the steering wheel continued to be a pain in the ass, and after a while the car begin to run hot.Once i reached the neighborhood i live in the car cut completely off.I was able to start it and make it to the street i stay on.From there i rolled all the way to my driveway.On arrival the car was steaming but it was late at night so i just left it until the next day.I opened that gallon of antifreeze i keep just in case the car overheats and begin pouring..Around half the bottle the overflow tank did what it does..So i waited five minutes and came back to discover i had a quick leak. This all happened on Tuesday and Wednesday.. Today I decided to pour some water into the overflow tank, and start the car only to discover there is a repetitive knocking sound and the car is still leaking. Last year around this time i was just getting this car and The first repair was the Timing Belt and Water Pump replacement.Around august is when the overheating started and it turned out to be leaks in the radiator. A month after that the car started overheating again and was leaking coolant near the thermostat housing.This turned out to be a dry rotted heater hose. Can someone please give me some insight on what the problem could be now? Thanks in Advance!
  3. I've been getting that same result, I've been searching for Cosmetic/Appearance Threads for my 01 626 and been getting nothing, or older and non 626 models
  4. Just put her in the shop a yesterday, Picked her up this morning. Turned out to be a faulty Heater Hose. She's performing much better now.
  5. Hello Mazda Friends ! I have a 2001 626 L.X V6. A while ago, I had to replace the Timing Belt, and the Water Pump, and a short while ago the Radiator after finding a leak causing the car to overheat.After replacing these parts, the car performed fine for almost a month and a half until one day I was in the drive through and the belts begin to squeal. So I started to watched the Coolant Gauge and it begin to rise, by the time I made it home and turned the car off there was steam coming from under the hood around the area of the Thermostat housing. After it cooled off I went back to check and discovered coolant all over the hoses,belts and the filter that sits just above the Thermostat. Does anyone have any idea what this could be. I've noticed that the car is drive-able for 10-20min before the Coolant Gauge will begin to rise and when i arrive home the same result of steam coming from under the hood.
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