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  1. New To Forum And 626's

    cheers for the info man :) ill grab those front seats off of u delivered if thats good for u? Oh 1 more thing i am after. Window mechanism for the drivers door?
  2. New To Forum And 626's

    Oh and a back seat. Mine's completely rooted like the front seats.
  3. New To Forum And 626's

    They look good man. Very interested in them. Would u happen to have a spare dash pad? Even if it has a slight crack, it's better then the rubbish I got lol.
  4. New To Forum And 626's

    Lol that's back up... Interesting cause I did bid on that a couple weeks ago. But then found the coupe, so cancelled my bid but some one else has out bid me anyway. Dude must of backed out.
  5. New To Forum And 626's

    what are u after for the seats? as for the engine, im thinking of buying an 84-86 929 with the FE engine and doing the swap seen as they are pretty cheap. i have all the tools to do the swap my self so i can save alot of money that way :)
  6. New To Forum And 626's

    Looks like ill just do an engine swap on it now.. did a comp test on the engine in it and its low on cyl 1 and 2. sooo might just get another MA engine or something that would drop right in.
  7. New To Forum And 626's

    cheers :) ill pull the radiator out today and have a look at it, the amount of water it was pissing out, could be a cracked end tank. as for the seat, i think in vic as long as its ADR approved and the rails are not modified, its legal.
  8. New To Forum And 626's

    Hey guys and gals, today I took delivery of a 1980 Mazda 626 Coupe. its in need some a lot of TLC but picked it up for $550 I did buy it sight unseen as it was a bit of a drive away to see it but I was expecting it to need a lot of work. anyway first question is where can i find a replacement radiator for it and what seats could i use that would bolt right in to replace the rooted front seats?