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  1. DarrenBrowne

    Shifter Linkage Bushes Are Easy....

    Hey that's so cool! Glad you got them in and wait till you get some miles on it. You'll think you've got a different car! Very pleased for you
  2. DarrenBrowne

    Shifter Linkage Bushes Are Easy....

    Hey thanks! Hope it all goes smoothly....you won't believe the difference!
  3. DarrenBrowne

    Shifter Linkage Bushes Are Easy....

    Hi Mike, it seems there are a few different ways these bushings/ linkages were fitted to different models over different years. My biggest fear was that mine was riveted as I had read that some were prior to going ahead. Like I said, I guess I just got lucky with mine being nuts and bolts. For anyone interested the part number is : B001-46-062 (4 required).
  4. Can't see why you'd want to do this on a base model sedan? Unless you're REALLY stuck for something to do and have more money than you actually need. We're talking cars that are now nudging 25+ years old and MOST are even beyond their expected lives. Although us here on the forum have a soft spot for them they're hardly what you call collectable, rare, exotic etc. Spend the money on a factory Turbo GT if you want to have a Gen3 626. It'll end up costing about the same as a turbo swap and you'll have a car that'll actually have some resale value. My two (Aussie) cents worth...
  5. DarrenBrowne

    Oddball 'misfire'?

    Just a guess but I'd put money on it being an ECU issue. Only thing I can think of after the changes you've listed? Agree with Leev, NICE coupe. Don't bend it!
  6. DarrenBrowne


    Don't you just love how these cars just fix themselves?? (rolls eyes). I also have the red light next to the mirror switch. Mine did not come with a "factory" alarm however a Cobra Alarm was fitted as requested by the original owner at the dealership when new. I still have all the paperwork showing this. I don't know if the dealer had any special arrangement Mines always been switched off as I've been worried about what it might fry after not being used for many years. It's all still in situ though. Good luck with yours! I don't think our 626's are what you'd call "high risk...."
  7. Decided to finally change the shifter bushings in my Wagon today. Got 4 original parts from Thailand off eBay, the whole set including postage came to about $23 Aussie. Pretty cheap I thought. Took about 10 days to arrive, great seller and sent registered Thai post. I checked everything I could find online from those people who'd previously done this. Mine seemed to be much easier than others I'd seen. Not sure why, just was. Jacked up drivers side. Slid under to find a very small heat shield held in by 3 screws. Undid the side two which allowed it to be bent down giving plenty of room to work. The Central lever had NO BUSHINGS AT ALL left. Undid the bolt (12mm) slid the new bushes in with a bit of grease and tightened (NOT overtightened - it's only 12 ft/lb). Bent the heat shield up and reattached the screws. Front lever also HAD NO BUSHES left. Undid the nut (14mm) and slid the bolt out from the top (12mm hex). Fitted the new bushes and greased, redid the bolt. Final inspection and let if off the jack and stand. UNBELIEVABLE difference as you can imagine. Shifter is now factory firm and silky smooth. Almost had to relearn how to shift after the 3 years of "stirring the porridge". So, if your sick of sloppy seconds on your 626 GD/GV then this 30 min job is worth doing. VERY easy and you'll be amazed at the difference.
  8. DarrenBrowne

    Noisy Blower Motor - Cross Reference?

    March 2017 Update - I removed and re-greased the bearings in the existing unit and seems to be going well now with o squeals or noises. Gave both ends of the shaft a squirt of Lithium Grease. Should last a while.
  9. DarrenBrowne

    Noisy Blower Motor - Cross Reference?

    Hi mate, thanks for that. Sadly down here we don't have anything like Four Seasons replacements etc. It looks the same tho. cheers
  10. DarrenBrowne

    Noisy Blower Motor - Cross Reference?

    I'm in Australia. I've searched online for aftermarket ones but none say they fit a GD. My question was to see if other models might fit (323, Van etc etc).
  11. Hi All, Happy New Year. I need to replace the interior fan blower motor (or the bearing) as it's REALLY noisy. I know it's a bad bearing but it still turns at all speeds. Does anyone know if these are interchangeable across other Mazdas as one for a GD seems hard to find? I think the original part No. is 194000-0031. Any help from you Gurus is really appreciated.
  12. DarrenBrowne

    Side window deflectors?

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WEATHERSHIELD-LEFT-LHS-MAZDA-626-1988-1989-Import-black-spring-load-Mirror-GD-/121976986693?hash=item1c66651c45:g:sRwAAOSwn9lXKnn1 I got one for my drivers door a while back but as mines a right hand drive this one might fit a LH drive drivers door?
  13. DarrenBrowne

    90 Dies Suddenly

    This is a current eBay listing for what you might need.. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-IGNITION-SWITCH-WIRES-FORD-TELSTAR-AR-AS-AT-AV-MAZDA-626-GC-GD-1983-1992-/151692536005?fits=Make%3AMazda&hash=item23519468c5:g:5NsAAOSwstxVKHkj I'm thinking of getting one to keep as a spare!
  14. DarrenBrowne

    Blower Motor Not Working At High Setting

    Hey cool result! Like everything mechanical...it's a matter of time!!
  15. DarrenBrowne

    Post Pics Of Funny Rice

    Port Mac sure...30 mins south is Laurieton (ie Pensionerville - Australia's oldest demographic!) 60kmh is the only speed you do - regardless of what the limit is. Indicating is optional. Braking wherever and whenever you feel like it is a legit manouver. Change lanes or u-turn at will... ..the list goes on! Local hardware lost it's front window a few months back. "Senior Citizen" reversed up the kerb, across the footpath into the store. Lady pushing pram was narrowly missed.