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  1. Hi mate, thanks for that. Sadly down here we don't have anything like Four Seasons replacements etc. It looks the same tho. cheers
  2. I'm in Australia. I've searched online for aftermarket ones but none say they fit a GD. My question was to see if other models might fit (323, Van etc etc).
  3. Hi All, Happy New Year. I need to replace the interior fan blower motor (or the bearing) as it's REALLY noisy. I know it's a bad bearing but it still turns at all speeds. Does anyone know if these are interchangeable across other Mazdas as one for a GD seems hard to find? I think the original part No. is 194000-0031. Any help from you Gurus is really appreciated.
  4. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WEATHERSHIELD-LEFT-LHS-MAZDA-626-1988-1989-Import-black-spring-load-Mirror-GD-/121976986693?hash=item1c66651c45:g:sRwAAOSwn9lXKnn1 I got one for my drivers door a while back but as mines a right hand drive this one might fit a LH drive drivers door?
  5. This is a current eBay listing for what you might need.. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-IGNITION-SWITCH-WIRES-FORD-TELSTAR-AR-AS-AT-AV-MAZDA-626-GC-GD-1983-1992-/151692536005?fits=Make%3AMazda&hash=item23519468c5:g:5NsAAOSwstxVKHkj I'm thinking of getting one to keep as a spare!
  6. Hey cool result! Like everything mechanical...it's a matter of time!!
  7. Port Mac sure...30 mins south is Laurieton (ie Pensionerville - Australia's oldest demographic!) 60kmh is the only speed you do - regardless of what the limit is. Indicating is optional. Braking wherever and whenever you feel like it is a legit manouver. Change lanes or u-turn at will... ..the list goes on! Local hardware lost it's front window a few months back. "Senior Citizen" reversed up the kerb, across the footpath into the store. Lady pushing pram was narrowly missed.
  8. Most electrical faults fall into the "PITA" category for good reason.
  9. I live in a town where the average age is about 103. EVERYONE parks like this. ...unless they floor it in reverse and end up inside a store (which is common).
  10. The High speed setting is a direct 12V and bypasses the resistor (the reason why fans with blown resistors usually still work on high speed only). Could be a faulty resistor or even the fan speed switch itself. Use a multimeter and check voltage at the fan, pull the resistor out and inspect it for a broken coil, debris etc . I replaced my resistor about 6 weeks ago (and posted in the forum) and found that aftermarket, non-genuine resistors can be problematic. I was lucky enough to buy a genuine unit from the local Mazda dealer and it's exactly the same as the faulty one I replaced. Fixed my prob and now the fan works on all 4 speeds as it should. Non- genuine resistors are not OEM spec in most cases. Here's my old blown one...
  11. Hey folks, just a quick question about aftermarket steering wheel boss kits to fit a '91 GD 626. I've been scanning ebay to check suitability but there's conflicting info about what kits suit what years. Here's some examples: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/361315664100?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BOSS-KIT-STEERING-WHEEL-HUB-ADAPTER-MAZDA-B-SERIE-PICKUP-B2000-2200-2600-323-626-/151363425224?hash=item233df693c8:g:vlMAAOSwbqpT0NuU Some boss kits say they suit GE > '92 on Some kits say they suit anything from early 80's right up to mid 1990's and include rx7's, B2200 etc etc.... Does anyone know the real answer? Do 626's have a wide range of years that are all the same or are they fairly specific? Thoughts??
  12. Just spotted this on eBay: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/MAZDA-626-GLX-1-43-edition-LTDA-los-carros-mas-queridos-de-colombia-new-JUP-/331712298241?hash=item4d3b97fd01:g:hYkAAOSwAF5UZk1i 1:43 scale GD 5 door hatch. NICE!! PS: Sorry..it's not Spain it's Colombia....grrr
  13. Hey guys, just wondering if any of you with good tech knowledge might be able to offer some thoughts of a couple of small probs I have with my '91 GD wagon? OK, you've seen the car inquestion (check WAGON PHOTOSHOOT in the photo section). Nice clean old wagon in really good shape... I have some small issues which I'm working thru and I think two of them might be related? 1 - STARTER IGNITION SWITCH (the one behind the key). When I'm starting the engine I have to turn the key to a certain place otherwise it won't start. If I turn the key ALL THE WAY FORWARD it's as though it's missing the contacts in the switch and won't engage the starter. When I start mine I have to turn the key to the point where the contacts are and then let the key go, it always starts fine. This "contact point" though is before the key goes FULLY forward (it's about 1/2 way between "ON" and "Start"). My Guess is either the switch itself is worn OR there's a misalignment between the "start" position and where the switch contacts are. I haven't yet inspected the switch but I'll post anything I find amiss. 2 - WIPER OPERATION. Occasionally there's a lag between turning on my wipers and them actually coming on. I've tried to read all the info related to that in the forums so far (wiper motor worn and giving out etc etc). The strange thing about mine is that the "delay" effects BOTH front wipers and rear. It's something beyond just a faulty motor (as it effects both). Also both front and rear are on different switches so it can't be just the combination switch or the wiper stalk. My guess is that there's something that's effecting the entire wiper circuit. My first thought was it might be something like a lazy relay that is taking longer to energise...(any thoughts on that?). This also effects the washers too (no wipers AND no washers). I'm wondering if the two might actually be linked? If I turn the wipers on and they don't start to work all I do is switch the car off and restart it....and then the wipers come on instantly like they should. This might happen only half the time I try to start the wipers, half the time they come on instantly like they should. Just to note - when the wipers do start there is NO other problems at all. They'll come on instantly from then on, work on all speeds as they should etc etc ...it's just getting the bast*rds to work first time, everytime. I'm thinking I might have to buy one of these to solve it? I'm obviously going to try and investigate as much as I can but wondered if any of you might have had this problem or experienced it yourself? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice.
  14. Ahh....now at least us Aussies can see the pics!! A very nice project indeed! Gotta love those US spec bumpers...huge!!
  15. Hey all, decided to finally get some decent pics of the wagon. As nature intended and all stock and original (the wheels are off a later model Telstar). There's a few pics as I think she's worth seeing.......Just love this old girl! Still a dependable, reliable and comfortable daily driver that can carry a PA system, guitar amps and guitars without even dropping the back seat down. I get to thinking about upgrading or replacing it but can't think of a good reason why!