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  1. Hello, I am trying to find a replacement Mass Air Flow Sensor for my Mazda 626 1988 coupe, as it has developed a rough engine idle ! ... does any one know if this part was shared with any other car, or is it possible to get this part repaired / overhauled. C.
  2. Hello, Does any one have a ‘Clarion finish line 900’, radio / cassette player spare. This original factory unit was fitted to my Mazda 626 coupe, 2 litre 16v, 1988 but the unit I have has developed an intermittent fault, sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't ! … Ive checked all the wires and they all seem fine .. so I think the unit has an internal fault. thanks… M.
  3. Hello, I have been trying to find some original spark plugs for my Mazda 626 coupe 2 litre 16v, 1988. I believe the car should have fitted the original NGK BCP R6E NON ‘v groove’ spark plugs. I have been told by a garage NOT to fit ‘v groove’ plugs ! questions: a. did the car ever have fitted ‘v groove’ NGK BCP R6E plugs ? b. I believe the car should have original NON ‘v groove’ NGK BCP R6E plugs ? does any one know where I can buy these ? thanks for your help. C.
  4. Hi, Thanks for that, ive found out where its leaking its the two coolant water rubber hoses at the rear of the engine that feed the oil cooler. Is it possible to replace these without removing the inlet manifold ?. Ed.
  5. Hi, I have a 626 coupe dohc 1988 and the engine has a coolant leak.. ive checked everything and thought it was the radiator.. so I changed the radiator …. but the leak is still there ! … it seems to lose about 2 litres of coolant every 50 miles... and there are no signs of any external leaks.. anyone any idea where im losing the coolant… ? many thanks… Ed.
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