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  1. Hi All As you may know, I am selling my Mazda 626, see link below http://mazda626.net/topic/46116-selling-my-mazda-626-the-best-car-i-have-ever-owned-after-long-term-ownership/?view=getnewpost It's the best car I have ever owned, and will easily do another 100,000 miles. I don't want it go to a scrap yard after it has looked after me for many years. It would make a great donor car as well, for parts and spares, but it all works ok. So
  2. I have always used the cap filter wrench as shown in djdevon3 reply, and changed the oil filter from above the car. Due to the limited access, I would strongly recommend this special too. They are not that expensive. Also, it makes it less messy.
  3. Hello All Regrettably, I am selling my Mazda 626 after many years of ownership. 1998, S reg, 2.0 petrol hatchback The best car I have ever owned. I always wanted an automatic & cruise control, and the Mazda 626 is a manual gearbox and no cruise control (otherwise I would of kept it). Its been looked after, and would like it to go to a good home. It's a great runner and will easily do another 100,000 miles. I have posted the ads on Gumtree and Motors. It would also make a great doner car as well. Am I allowed to include the links in this post? Thanks PS - here a
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