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    2002, 626 LX, i4, Auto
  1. deltagi

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    I was just wondering because i found a really good deal, and all I would need it to be is manual
  2. deltagi

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    Ok so I think im gonna fix my i4, sell the car, and get a V6 LX version of my car. But it is very hard to get the manual version. So is it easy to swap transmission?
  3. deltagi

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    Also what part of the fender harness will I need? Both? Alt+MAlt+N
  4. deltagi

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    Ok so update: I can get all the parts I need. There is a dead car in a scrap yard that I called. Part List: Mazda Engine: $200 Mazda Dash: $150 Speedometer: $75 Fender Harness: $? Radiator: $75 So far it will be way cheaper to keep my car and not buy a donor. Though I won't have every single possible part, I will have the ones needed. Now I think im going to get the KLZE, check engine mounts, and see what other parts I will need. But It should in the end be cheaper, but a little more labor intensive. Alt+MAlt+N
  5. deltagi

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    My car is actually broken, blown engine, but I am gonna try to get a new car thats dead for $500, or all the parts I need off of a junked one. Alt+MAlt+N
  6. deltagi

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    Ok sounds good, I found a donor car that has everything I need will cost like $1700 including shipping, and so far I have leads on a engine harness and dash, but not the fender yet. I think someone has a issue with their speedometer cluster, so I found a few for around $20. The engine will be about $700. So far it will be around $800, but the ill need a new transmission, which I gonna try to get for a deal for $1000 including engine. So far $1100. Are there any other part issues? like oil lines and plumbing? But im considering just buying a V6 LX 2002 626, its in auction and only has some minor door damage, and I can just use my 626's doors. So im considering doing that and a little afterward just ripping out the engine and replacing it with a KLZE. But at a minimum that can cost me around $1700... Which option sounds best? The second one is almost guaranteed to work , and will be less work overall. But it will cost more like $2500 for everything... so im not sure which one is best. Thanks! Alt+MAlt+N
  7. deltagi

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    Ok for things to get, is the 98-2002 KLZE different from the 93-97? Also how hard is it to remount a engine, or add new engine mounts? and for the custom sensor, is there premade? probably not but just wondering and is it possible to use the wire harness from a i4 and add to it for the new engine? Alt+MAlt+N
  8. deltagi

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    Hey guys I have a few questions about my Mazda 626 2002. 1) I want to swap out my i4 for a V6 KLZE and was wanting to make sure all the engine mounts would work just fine. 2) Is it possible to get engine harness and everything else needed to make the V6 work, without getting a donor car? Like maybe a Mazda Dealer Ship. (or does all the wiring already match, im gonna assume no) 3) I want to swap it to a manual transmission, but will my i4 trans work with the KLZE V6 for now? Thanks everyone, I plan to make an entire video on my swap and how to do it for Mazda 626 Lovers, but I just need to make sure this is all possible first. Alt+MAlt+N