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  1. Doctor Robert

    Rust Repair Advice

    Wow! Why didn't you tell me about that sooner?!
  2. Doctor Robert

    Rust Repair Advice

    Happy New Year! I'm reanimating this dead thread mostly because... I still need that back panel! Life kept getting in the way and all that, you know how it is. (Hey, I did mend the shocks and the u-joint and other important mechanical bits like that!) (I really need to post more pictures of my adventures...) I've **finally** gotten into a position to actually get the job done now... only I've made a startling discovery: https://www.dijkgraaf-uddel.nl/a-51525974/plaatwerk/achterpaneel-mazda-classic/ ^ This is still up and while that's still an awesome price, they'll only ship inside the Netherlands (near as I can tell what with juggling Google Translate)... which is agony because it seems to be the only place in the known galaxy that has what I need for sale (as usual, my own country's sites just want to sell me a nice car cover :3 ). These guys seem to be gone: http://www.oldstockmazdaparts.com which also sucks because I can't even ask if they'll ship to the wild and crazy America. So, before I email the first site and (through the miracle of the Google Translate) beg for mercy about shipping some Hiroshiman metal here, I've got to ask: is there any where else to look at all?! Many thanks!
  3. Doctor Robert

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Ah yes, smog. This is why I left California! Your car is awesome!!! I was just in LA nearly a month ago. I went to this: https://www.automobiledrivingmuseum.org/event/jdm2018/ JDM at the ADM on September 29th (my car was next to the black one in the first photo foreground)... I should probably post more pics (and of my other car show adventure)... I'm not on here often enough. There was only one other Capella there (a first generation/early 70's one) and it wasn't even at the same part of the show (it was bigger than you see here). It was a blast anyway, especially when I told people I'd just driven 850 miles (1400km) to be there. Next time I trek down, you should join me!! We could totally show up those millions of 510s (and the accompanying Bluebirds) that seem to hang out at these shows!
  4. Doctor Robert

    Six Hundred and twenty Six Posts!

    Congratulations! Do let us know when you've reached "Capella" posts. :3
  5. Doctor Robert

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Oooh. May we have pictures??
  6. Doctor Robert

    Shocks & Struts

    I bought me some Gabriel's, fore and aft. Wish me luck! (don't fail me, eBay.... heheh)
  7. Doctor Robert

    Shocks & Struts

    Awesome! Yes, I can find the rear shocks no problem, but the fronts... Nobody in my backwater country seems to make them or even have a part # for them... It's exceedingly weird. Time to ply eBay for NOS! Will either of these work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-PAIR-Gabriel-Strut-Cylinders-for-Mazda-626-G44727-FRONT/223005355783?fits=Year%3A1980|Make%3AMazda|Model%3A626&epid=169013955&hash=item33ec27af07:g:pEoAAOSwBnZbFbyE https://www.ebay.com/itm/KYB-363022-Suspension-Strut-Assembly-Front/262502079611?fits=Year%3A1980|Make%3AMazda|Model%3A626&epid=75505264&hash=item3d1e57dc7b:m:mYr8vKG7Vau4tBt7Vq6aBnw They say they're compatible, but I'd rather consult the guru on these matters before I do something dumb like buy them... If not, I'm buying from a much more enlightened land... like Australia. I just don't want to pay loads in shipping if I don't have to.
  8. Doctor Robert

    Shocks & Struts

    Thanks a ton! (Another month and I'm finally getting back to this. Oh life... WHY?!?) So I've done some digging around and come to these: https://www.amazon.com/KYB-343127-Excel-G-Gas-Shock/dp/B000C3ZCVC/ref=dp_return_1?_encoding=UTF8&n=15684181&s=automotive https://www.amazon.com/KYB-343149-Excel-G-Gas-Shock/dp/B000C40S9C/ref=dp_return_1?_encoding=UTF8&n=15684181&s=automotive The fronts say they'll fit a 1980 B series truck but don't mention the Capella (none of the auto parts stores I asked around for showed an entry for the fronts either). The backs say they'll fit properly (post CB2MS-543880 and all). Will either of these fit m'car? Interestingly, Monroe has a different part # system for OZ and the US, which is really really annoying. KYB too.
  9. Doctor Robert

    Shocks & Struts

    Next on my vast things-that-need-to-be-fixed list (it never ends! ) : Shocks & Struts What can I say? I'm tired of the suspension going cartoony every time I run over an amoeba. This'll have to take priority over replacing the back panel (I must say I'm glad the rain's stopped for now. ). I recall Rotated saying the following a while back: So according to my car's VIN, my car's of the after 543XXX variety. Could somebody tell me the part # for these items? Did any other car come with these parts or were these exclusive to 626's? Were all 1980 models after 543XXX? Thanks!
  10. Doctor Robert

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Naw, I'm too broke. Nice to drool at it, though.
  11. Doctor Robert

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Here's something to drool at: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/d/awesome-1979-mazda-626/6572517586.html or go here if it disappears: http://www.craigslistadsaver.com/view.php?name=BlueCapella easily the best 2nd gen Capella on craigslist on the west coast of (if not in all of) the US since mine! Weird to find it in Beverly... being pampered. Whoever's selling it must've loved it dearly (yes, the original owner). Somebody get it! I'm too broke! XD
  12. Doctor Robert

    Rust Repair Advice

    Wow! Excellent resource! Definitely going to come in handy, that is. Thanks for that link too!
  13. Doctor Robert

    Rust Repair Advice

    I think I've struck on some MASSIVE luck: http://www.oldstockmazdaparts.com/en/product/96558/mazda-626-hardtop-rear-panel Is this the correct panel for Series 1? ...Don't tell me the coupes have a different back panel from the sedans.
  14. Doctor Robert

    Rust Repair Advice

    Yeah, I figured as much. I shall take your sage advice! Yeah, a bit like that only with less rust! I'm just crazy enough to actually spring for that. (Hope it stays on until payday!!) How much trouble would it be to adapt Series 2 taillights to my car, if I get that panel? Would I really have to get new rear fenders for that? Much as I love my taillights, you can't get much more 80's than a taillight that's diced into cubes. How much else is different on a Series 2 rear? I notice the lock's in a different place, would that be difficult to adapt? Any other fittings differences? Additionally, can you point out where I could get a new trunk seal? Old one's tired and has just about had it.
  15. Doctor Robert

    Rust Repair Advice

    Greetings all! I'm not dead and neither is Tomo-san! I just moved. Had the u-joint replaced recently, which wasn't expensive and VASTLY improved my car's drivablity. Next up on that front would be the shocks, but that's not for a while yet... I moved to the coast, which means any minor rust problems Tomo had are now suddenly major. Biggest on the list is I have a hole in the trunk. Rust is most cancerous around the license plate light and the trunk latch, on the panel that holds the taillights, license plate, and such. Under the weather stripping, I have a hole which is letting rainwater into the trunk like a fountain. My smugness at having a flat tyre and a full-sized spare with a new tyre on it was dashed when I saw the Rust Soup my car was cooking up in the spare tyre well. 0.o The lip that holds the trunk weather-stripping is rusty in about three places, with bubbling and cancer into the panel a bit. So, I've been lassoing two different shops for quotes, one slightly more honest to my intuition than the other: Shop 1: Wants to fabricate a fiberglass/glassfibre replacement for a good hunk of the panel, bonded with Bondo, naturally. Their quote is the cheaper solution (but a good hunk of change nevertheless). Shop 2: Thinks they can **maybe** fabricate repairs in metal, but we're talking about three or four curves in the body panel that'll need redoing, so they aren't sure. Their recommendation is to find a new body panel and put that on. Their first option (if they figure it's actually doable) is more expensive and their second option is EVEN MORE pricy. Naturally, I'm thinking repairing metal with actual metal is a better idea, but price aside, finding a panel for these rare little beasts is going to be a chore because I don't live in Mazda Heaven (that's Australia, evidently). Is using fiberglass, especially on a second gen Capella/CB/First gen 626 even something I should bother with? Furthermore, can anybody (most likely Rotated6_2) tell me where to find a back-wall-of-the-vehicle panel for a 1980 Mazda 626 Capella?