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  1. Let's see... wow, I've got a lot of stuff I haven't shown. First, last October: Earlier this year, I tried to go up the same road, but it was closed for snow still: I might spend too much time with my car...
  2. Yeah, the 13 inch tyre struggle is real. I had to settle for 175/70's because they were made by a halfway (two-thirds way?) decent manufacturer. My car rode sooooo much better than on the spit & tar that was on before. Next on my to-do list is the shocks, so thanks for this invaluable bit of information! My '80 is of the post CB2MS543000 variety.
  3. Great resource, that. Documentation is so painfully hard to find, even in virtual form. XD Strange that they only put a Capella badge on the fender on the left. Wow, a wood grain package. Seems the Japanese get all the cool options. I suppose if I really wanted to, I could whittle together some real wood trim bits... but on second thought, maybe not. XP
  4. Ever wondered what the JDM second generation Mazda Capella (or first gen Mazda 626 for the rest of us) looked like? Well, check this video, it's a great visual reference: I wonder how much of it is original? (there's a DOHC badge on the back... That's incredible if the JDM Capella really came with a DOHC engine!) Those minilite-style wheels certainly aren't factory, but damnit, I want those on mine!! It'll go great with the bronze paint.
  5. A very Happy Christmas to all... This is the last time I let my car handle the Christmas cards.
  6. It's a pity there aren't more vintage Japanese car shows in my country... (maybe I should look harder) You've got yourself a fine fleet of Capellas, sir.
  7. Bizarrely, I couldn't find anything like that, either online or off (though I could've looked harder offline... heheh). You have my heartiest thanks for all this. ^_^
  8. Extraordinary patience is a skill of mine! XD Boasting aside, I've been pretty occupied with a vast bunch of stuff... Yes, the clip on the left is what I need... but the plastic screw thing that I needed was this one: Which goes where the red arrow is pointing: Sorry about all the confusion...
  9. Did you happen to find one? Thanks, DR
  10. Wow, what a sweet addition to your collective you've got there. But has it assimilated the other cars yet? I'm surprised that even those plastic map pockets (made of the brittlest plastic ever formulated in the 1970s) aren't cracked... it's as if a foot has never accidentally bumped into them multiple times in the middle of the night. *Ahem* Some of those features are very interesting... My car's only got two lap belts for the outside passengers in the back and I don't have a battery holder like that (the battery's mounted differently). I think AM/FM radio was standard in the US, as was A/C... and I think auto-choke as well. I don't have a tach, though... whomever bought mine in 1980 didn't want to spring for that... I like that croupier hat visor, very stylish... I am so jealous of that digital clock... heheheh... How's the automatic on 7/9? I imagine it wouldn't like speeds over 100KPH but does it adapt?
  11. Excellent! ^_^ Yeah, I've got the trim piece and all associated bits (which I took off before they flew away on the freeway) except for the nutsert... Do you have one of these by chance? A "gutter-ette" which links the gutter to the gutter-bit of the trim piece. I have the one for the right side (as you see above) but the left side one is missing.
  12. Which piece are you talking about? If it's the plastic nut thing (whatchamacallit) then I think it'll work on the right side (it's just a holder for the screw, which I've got: I'd be shocked if it didn't work...). Did you mean the gutter-ette piece?
  13. Alright. Thanks for looking. Save me Rotated6_2!!!! Have you got anything?
  14. Any luck?
  15. So a trim piece fell off my car in a very British Leyland fashion (though to be fair this was the first time in 36 years, which is much longer than BL could claim): I have all the parts. The tidbit that failed the rest of the trim piece was a little plastic nut-thing that went at the bottom, here: The piece looks like this: Does anybody happen to have one of these? I can find the part number but all the parts sites I went to didn't have the piece itself. Also, I'm missing this little piece on the other side (the left side): which goes here, on the top of the trim piece (on the other side): Does anyone happen to have these tiny parts... or at the least can point me to where I might find them?