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  1. rough idle

    I have a 2001 mazda 626 lx 2 litre auto and my problem is this,rough idle. this rough idle broke over time every motor mount. replaced all. still present . gets worse when ac on. no codes, no check light. took off ac/ps belt to isolate. went away normal engine vibration. power steering pump was making a little noise but fluid looks brand new and no leaks. already ordered new pump. I dont know much about the power steering pressure switch, but could be a problem. my father the ac tech says the ac system may have too much oil in it. going to vacuum pump it all out and recover. the ac clutch is working. both the ac and power steering pump move freely with no resistance. let me know if anyone can be of assistance thank you all frank
  2. need help

    it started about a year ago i was on a trip when my alt went out on my 2001 626 i4. i found a road side mech and he left me with an exhaust leak. i finished my trip and had my son put on a new gasket. the cars idle kept getting worse. finally broke all 3 motor mounts. i replaced them and the thing just shakes at idle runs great down the road. the fuel economy sucks and cant tell if its lost power spits out a po21 code now and then