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  1. Yes. Got the radiator replaced; all seems well with the car. Getting it ready to sell, now. Will miss it, as it has been good for well over 100,000 miles since I picked it up. Thanks, everyone!
  2. Ok...here's an update. I had the thermostat replaced; the oil pan gasket replaced (turns out it was only siliconed in place — I haven't had that touched since I bought the car 9 years ago (shudder); the coolant overflow bottle (it was leaking like a sieve when they did a pressure test; I had it replaced not quite 3 years ago); and one of the two valve cover gaskets (the other will likely be done in two oil changes, unless things look dire). The car is running cooler, though things aren't perfect — when I'm stopped at a light, or even running down the highway at 70 (65 or 55 isn't quite so bad), even without AC, the temperature gauge keeps creeping up, though it never reaches the danger zone mark. My mechanic is going to replace the aftermarket radiator fans with OEM fans — thankfully his parts guy was happy to do the exchange without charging more — and we will see if they were insufficient for the task. If the overheating continues, this leaves us with a couple options, neither of which are pretty: The radiator needs to be replaced. The head gasket is going/going/gone. When we do the fan swap he's going to test for exhaust in the radiator fluid, and we'll go from there. Any other suggestions as to what else it could be? The car generates good heat (outside of the engine itself tending toward overheating), so the heater core is fine, and we've narrowed it down pretty well so far, it seems, especially as we replaced the water pump last year. If it turns out to be the radiator, are there any cheaper varieties you've used with success? Thank you!
  3. Thanks for reply. My mechanic is going to replace the thermostat next week, and we'll see if that does the trick. I'll also get one valve cover and oil pan gaskets replaced. The checkbook needs a workout, it seems. What I may also do, once these jobs are done, is do a radiator flush with a chemical treatment and see what, if anything, is loosened up / shaken out. I don't know if I want to go this far, but we'll see. Will update next week.
  4. Greetings — last time I had a question about this car overheating, it turned out that it was the reservoir tank — thanks for the help! This time, however, it looks like it's something else. Here's the problem: driving around town, the car does fine. The temperature stays steady, unless and only unless I'm doing lots of stop/start driving due to traffic lights, which usually isn't a problem in the areas I drive city. It's when I'm out on the highway that things get wonky. Things move faster toward overheating when the AC is used, but I've seen this even when the AC isn't on. I can drive for 20 miles at 60-70, and everything stays solid. It's then that the temperature begins to creep up. It will sometimes stay in the Safe Zone, but more often than not, I find that I have to turn the heat on full-bore and dump heat so that it will stay within acceptable limits. Once I get the temp down, I end up being able to drive a few miles without the AC on before it starts creeping up again. So far I've had the temperature sensors replaced, coolant replaced, radiator fans replaced (and they run, so it isn't the relay), and another few odd jobs done. Coolant levels stay good, and I check oil regularly because I've got an oil pan seal to replace soon. My guess is that it's one of two things: the thermostat needs to be replaced (I don't think I've had that done lately), or the heating core / heating core line is clogged. Either way, I'm wondering if the coolant has nowhere to flow which means that the heat has nowhere to go. But I very well could be wrong. I'd love to hear some serious (and perhaps experienced) suggestions as to where to go with this. Thanks!
  5. Looks like it was the caps. Crazy. Thanks to all. Will get other matters checked, too.
  6. I will definitely get the fan checked out. As for the caps, I want to make sure
  7. Greetings! Glad to find this forum. My '98 ES has begun to overheat badly heading down the interstate. It hasn't had this problem until this week (except for a switched caps issue last year, but that was easily rectified). When driving down the highway at full speed, the temperature gauge is rock-solid; stopping is when things go bad. Steam, dumping coolant, the whole bad deal. Refilling the tank brings things back to Ok, but I don't want to push things and do some real damage. A mechanic is going to look at it tomorrow, but I wanted to get your thoughts on what you think this could be, and if we are looking at a cap issue. My mechanic replaced the radiator cap last week, and I drove it without issue afterwards (short & long distance) the week after. I've included pictures of the caps in question. Thanks for any and all help.
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