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  1. Because that is exactly what happened to mine
  2. Do not unplug the sensors, they will only go bad and need replacing after a short while, which will just be another thing to tack on, unless absolutely necessary would not recommend
  3. My car is throwing codes for idle air control and mass air flow sensor, and was wondering if anyone knows of something I could use to fix it, was thinking seafoam, but I've tried maf cleaner on maf sensor and had no luck. Was working fine until I left it unplugged for a month until I found out I had a injector leak. Been getting a high/erratic idle(2krpms-750rpms,terrible engine shake at red lights, forcing me to leave it in neutral until light changes), delayed shift from drive to reverse and 2nd to 3rd and stiff gas pedal on initial take off.
  4. Also I have a check engine light on for maf and iat sensor, maybe it wasn't a good idea to leave the maf sensor unplugged for so long, probable cause, have some maf sensor spray laying around, but I don't know if I should spray that pin the iat sensor or not
  5. Here in Texas we call that the redneck curb jack, no need to get a fancy one up at the store
  6. That is how I park when I change my oil and trans fluid
  7. That is how I park when I change my oil and trans fluid
  8. Oh I see, I'd think it might be nicer to actually chrome paint the black accents, or maybe do a wrap, on my '01 the fabric on the doors came off, so I'm thinking about changing them out some day, want to change the color scheme from its basic everything gray, wish me luck lol
  9. Still have yet to change that Cv joint, but for now I think I'll sit on it until it becomes actually necessary for now, had to change the starter about a month ago, and in the process while trying to find a way around everything,somehow I blew out my fuel injector gasket, went and got a diagnostic and they told me it was intake manifold gasket, so I got that replaced and no change so I sprayed some butane around the fuel injectors and started to notice my car would rev up, so I figured there was a leak around my fuel injectors, got that fixed. been recently working on my car a bit and my room
  10. Looks real nice around the air vents, were they appliques or actual remove/replace?
  11. Turns out the o rings were bad, took 2 weeks for parts to come in, when I replaced them the new ones seemed loose, so I swapped the gear looking o ring with the extra unknown o-ring, works good so far, also paid someone to swap the intake gasket, had a few cracks in my air intake line, but we taped the cracks with electrical tape for now.
  12. I changed the belt maybe 2 months ago and I'm already getting a squeak,engine is making a whirring sound in take off, feel a really big loss of acceleration power from 3K rpm to 5k rpm, and on initial take off I get a stiff pedal, I'm thinking my belt is either loose or power steering, anyone have any suggestions to figure out which one, also I know it used to have a power steering leak a few years back, but I'm not seeing and ps fluid missing, although there is a bit of a puddle around the resivor(spelling?) Looks like an old leak but I do hear some noise when turning wheel at a dead stop, wo
  13. Oh, and they finally fixed that pothole I was talking about a few months back
  14. It's alright I should have checked first, but your post above was pretty helpful, any recommendations on torches? I tried one but after 10 minutes of touching, it didn't get anywhere near hot enough to heat the bolt up on the intake manifold side, I'm crossing my fingers hoping that intake gasket doesn't actually need replacing.
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