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  1. Hi Everyone, As of today I have just noticed the cooling fan suddenly isn't coming on when the car is sitting stationary, it didn't overheat but once I got moving the temperature settled back down to normal operating temp and only started rising back up if I was held stationary for longer than a minute or so. Here's what I have done: Our workshop manual says to test the circuit disconnect the thermoswitch and see if the fan comes on, it DOESN'T. The manual says to check the cooling fan itself, the relay and any associated wiring with that circuit. I haven't pulled the fan out and physically tested it with an amp meter as it says to do, but it turns on when you turn the Air Conditioning on so I'm assuming the fan is good? I Have swapped the horn relay for the cooling fan relay at the back of the engine bay (relay set attached to firewall) and the horn still works with the cooling fan relay. Reading the wiring manual it says there is a second relay that's located at the front of the vehicle on the passenger side between the battery and the cooling fan, there's 2 relays there but matching the wiring up I found the second relay and swapped the 2 relays at the front around and then disconnected the thermoswitch with the ignition on. Still nothing. The car has cooled down a little bit but the thermoswitch still doesn't have any continuity, the manual states that there should be continuity inside the switch up to 91 degrees celsius and then after that the circuit is broken activating the fan, so at this stage the thermoswitch does appear to be renewed (I'm waiting for the car to cool down further to double check this) but even if the switch needs renewing it doesn't seem to be causing the issue? Someone with better knowledge is more than welcome to correct me on any of this. Cheer's guys! Speedy
  2. SpeedyED

    Valve Stem Seals

    Thanks mike, youtube vid was very helpful! I found this on ebay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ENGINE-VALVE-SPRING-COMPRESSOR-UNIVERSAL-TOOL-WITH-AIR-HOLD-ADAPTORS-NEW/150635358467?_trkparms=aid%3D444000%26algo%3DSOI.DEFAULT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170221122447%26meid%3D9a395e8b844f4593be21749d4c1cac44%26pid%3D100752%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D6%26mehot%3Dag%26sd%3D151451753191&_trksid=p2047675.c100752.m1982 Instead of using rope, what are everyones thoughts on filling the cylinder with compressed air instead of using a bit of rope?
  3. Hey Guys, Anyone attempted to replace the valve stem seals with the head still attached to the vehicle? Is it easy? Cheers!
  4. Hi everyone! In Australia, the front lower control arms for the GD are becoming more and more hard to find brand new with the bushes and ball joints already pressed in and ready to go. GE Control arms on the other hand are a completely different story, they can be sourced anywhere in AUS. Will a GE Control arm bolt straight up to a GD? Cheers guys
  5. Hey guys, Noticed a few hours ago the misses car is leaking transmission fluid between the engine and gearbox. My question is: Obviously the engine and gearbox need to be split to access the seals, can this be done with both engine and gearbox inside the car, or does the whole lot have to come out and then be separated to access the seal? If it's easy enough i'll replace the rear main engine seal too whilst I'm there, may as well renew it whilst the motor and box are split, right?. Can this all be possibly done in a day? need to know as I generally work Monday through to Friday so getting time along with the other house chores that have to be done will get quite challenging! Cheers guys
  6. SpeedyED

    Heater Core

    Could always get someone to pressure test it for you before you install it?
  7. SpeedyED

    Heater Core

    Yeah it's the 2.2l motor, shit that's a pretty good price for a copper core material!!!
  8. SpeedyED

    Heater Core

    Hey Guys, So the heater core has gone on the car. I was wondering if the heater core used in the US and even in Europe is going to be the same as the one used in Australia, I'm pretty sure it'll be the same regardless as to whether it's left hand drive or right hand drive but I'd rather check before possibly investing. Part number for the US is GJ21-61-A10. Part number for Australia is GK05-61-A10, as you can tell these part numbers are very similar. I can get one in the aftermarket sector that's copper cored, but they are not very popular as there simply isn't any demand for them here in AUS, it's worth about $350Aus, I noticed the one in the US is nearly $300US so it would probably be cheaper to source one here in AUS once you factor currency conversion and the ridiculous price of freight. I'll do some further research and get some definite prices for the one here in AUS first though. Cheer's guys.
  9. SpeedyED

    Speedometer Inaccurate By 10Kmh

    So I've been in contact with a couple of suppliers, one in the UK, and waiting for a reply from one in the US. It has been difficult to find a supplier in the US that will deliver internationally.... just about everyone of them except for quirkparts.com and one other are prepared to freight overseas. I have been in contact with Ford here in Aus and gotten a part number for the speedo cable in question: G212-60-070F, it seems to be a very similar part number to GJ22-60-070F, whether these cables are the same, not sure, only time will tell as to whether they are the same. In other breaking news though the heater core has gone , I will post up with a new topic as the heater core is obsolete as well in Aus, and again the part numbers between here and the US are similar.
  10. SpeedyED

    Speedometer Inaccurate By 10Kmh

    Cheers for that! Yes the car is RHD. Who in the US would you recommend so I can shoot them an email and find out?
  11. SpeedyED

    Speedometer Inaccurate By 10Kmh

    Cheer's the help everyone :) It's been a while, just moved house, doing that always takes time I'll test the pulse generator and Speed Sensor and see where that leads me, where abouts is the pulse generator located? silly question I know... In the meantime though I wouldn't mind trying to replace the speedo cable itself, as that seems like a good place to start, the trouble is where to get one!? Here in Australia they appear to be obsolete, I only rang Ford though, but if Ford say they are obsolete its a good bet that Mazda won't have any either. Any of you guys from the states and Europe still able to get a hold of the cables brand new? The other option is I can give the cable to a company in Melbourne called "Flexible Drive", who can make up a cable for me. There is no other company I know of who makes speedo cable's in the non genuine spare parts sector. Cheers again guys!
  12. SpeedyED

    Speedometer Inaccurate By 10Kmh

    I'm a bit confused now.... should I be pulling out the speedo cable and cluster and inspecting them? or should I be changing tyres???.... If I pull the cable out what are the tell tale signs that it needs to be replaced?
  13. SpeedyED

    Speedometer Inaccurate By 10Kmh

    Just had a look a tyre converter, the tyre to go for to correct the speedo would be 195/60R15. Correct?
  14. SpeedyED

    Speedometer Inaccurate By 10Kmh

    Just had a look at the tyres, they are indeed 185/70/R14's, the sticker on the door also reflects the same tyre size. After looking at a thread about brake upgrades I was thinking of upgrading the front brakes to a mazda 6 setup, and because there's a probability I'll need 15's I'll start looking for 15's if this is the reason why the speedo is out. Cheers guys! :) EDIT: Got a photo of the tyre sticker on the drivers door, but because it's dark I can't get a good photo of the tyre size, but they are definitely 185's.
  15. SpeedyED

    Speedometer Inaccurate By 10Kmh

    Wouldn't Mazda change the speedo gear inside the gearbox to suit? or did they just come with the one gear? I know this is sorta a stupid question but with a mechanical speedo gear in place would I be able to install a speedo corrector?