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    1981, Mazda 626 Coupe CB2, 1.6, Manual (4 speeds)

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  1. daniel.franco

    parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    Hello, do you have the external side and rear moldings of the 626 cb2 coupe? Thanks.
  2. daniel.franco

    Moldings Car

    Hello everyone. First, congratulations for this great forum. I wrote in this forum previously. At this moment, I want to restore my car (Mazda 626 cb2 coupe). I need the side and back moldings car which are not available in my country (Colombia) . Is it possible to get them in another country? and how much is the price and the shipping price. Thank you
  3. daniel.franco

    Vacuum distributor advance

    Hello everyone. I write to ask if any of you have the vacuum distributor advance.If you have it, what it would cost to sending a Colombia. Thank you
  4. daniel.franco

    Engine Timing

    Hello, I have a NA engine (1.6). This engine has a crankshaft pulley with two marks and a block pin, but which is the TDC mark and the idle speed mark?. Which of the two brands I must align with the pin block when I will adjust the ignition timing? This engine turns at clockwise
  5. daniel.franco

    Fender Mirrors For 1980

  6. daniel.franco

    Fender Mirrors For 1980

    It seems strange these fender mirrors, but some prototypes came whith fender mirros originally . They look great. In my case it brings one left door mirror. My car is a Mazda 626 CB2.
  7. daniel.franco

    Valve Cover

    ok. I will do it. Thank you
  8. daniel.franco

    Valve Cover

    that can be cleaned with water and soap and a toothbrush ? Thak you
  9. daniel.franco

    Valve Cover

    Hi everyone. I am writing because I have a question. The valve cover of my car (mazda 626) is very dirty and oiled . How I can clean it so that it is not damaged and that detergent is not too abrasive? Thank You
  10. daniel.franco

    Mazda 626 Coupe 1981 Oem Parts Help

    Congratulations Trasgo_911. You are making a excelent restoring for this car. The parts of this car are nice. Greeting
  11. daniel.franco

    Valve Clearance

    Thak you rotated6-2
  12. daniel.franco

    Valve Clearance

    Perfect, thank you djdevon3, I will consider it.(2.0L)
  13. daniel.franco

    Valve Clearance

    Hi everyone. I am Daniel, first, the cars that I have seen here are very beautiful. I have a CB2 mazda 626 1.6L 1981. Actually, I am adjusting many things of this car, but I have a cuestion for you. What is the valve clearance (admission and exhaust) of this engine? Thak you.
  14. daniel.franco

    New Guy From Ny 1982 626

    Thak you for your quickly answer. I have a red mazda 626 1981 like the yours (green). I introduced myself in the forum on the section topics. Thak you
  15. daniel.franco

    Rotary Swap Into A 626

    Thank you