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  1. Hello, do you have the external side and rear moldings of the 626 cb2 coupe? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone. First, congratulations for this great forum. I wrote in this forum previously. At this moment, I want to restore my car (Mazda 626 cb2 coupe). I need the side and back moldings car which are not available in my country (Colombia) . Is it possible to get them in another country? and how much is the price and the shipping price. Thank you
  3. Hello everyone. I write to ask if any of you have the vacuum distributor advance.If you have it, what it would cost to sending a Colombia. Thank you
  4. Hello, I have a NA engine (1.6). This engine has a crankshaft pulley with two marks and a block pin, but which is the TDC mark and the idle speed mark?. Which of the two brands I must align with the pin block when I will adjust the ignition timing? This engine turns at clockwise
  5. It seems strange these fender mirrors, but some prototypes came whith fender mirros originally . They look great. In my case it brings one left door mirror. My car is a Mazda 626 CB2.
  6. that can be cleaned with water and soap and a toothbrush ? Thak you
  7. Hi everyone. I am writing because I have a question. The valve cover of my car (mazda 626) is very dirty and oiled . How I can clean it so that it is not damaged and that detergent is not too abrasive? Thank You
  8. Congratulations Trasgo_911. You are making a excelent restoring for this car. The parts of this car are nice. Greeting
  9. Perfect, thank you djdevon3, I will consider it.(2.0L)
  10. Hi everyone. I am Daniel, first, the cars that I have seen here are very beautiful. I have a CB2 mazda 626 1.6L 1981. Actually, I am adjusting many things of this car, but I have a cuestion for you. What is the valve clearance (admission and exhaust) of this engine? Thak you.
  11. Thak you for your quickly answer. I have a red mazda 626 1981 like the yours (green). I introduced myself in the forum on the section topics. Thak you
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