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    1990,626 gt, 2.0 fe3, manual, TWR
  1. Hi guys I'm putting some feelers out, i have a 1990 mazda 626 GT with a fe3n engine, leather and a genuine TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) body kit from mould 1. I'm thinking of breaking the car or selling complete as i can no longer have the time or money that it deserves, the car is a complete very clean car, since I've had it i have repaired most of the rust and removed the interior ( still have all the parts). The body kit is very rare to see, especially complete with both front and rear bumper, side skirts and spoiler, this does need a few repairs but if i get enough interest i will repa
  2. Hi guys I'm after the size of belt I would need to remove the air con pump on my 1990 626 GT 2.0 16v fe3n Kind regards
  3. Hi yeah not many left haha I'm now getting to grips with the site cheers
  4. Awesome cheers and yeah I've added you and requested to join the group.
  5. Hi yeah I've spoke to to a few people abroad who was looking at the car on eBay surprising how many people saw it. Wow would love to get it touch with a previous owner and find out abit more bit of a rare car for info. I've requested to join your group would love to bring the car along to some shows and meets once I've got her looking her former self :)
  6. Hey guys I'm in Norwich recently got myself a 626 GT TWR 2.0 16v. Any one else local ?
  7. hey i went a brought myself a 626 TWR same issue can't find much info great looking car tho
  8. hi everyone just started using this site I've got a 1990 626 gt twr 16v. I'm currently restoring the rare beast. anyone else here from the uk :)
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