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  1. I have a 2001 626 that has been parked for quite a long time. The engine is toast, as the mechanic I took it to to have it replaced got a bad engine as well. Then the vendor he got it from refused to replace the bad one. My mechanic (well, one of his guys) started tearing into it but then left the shop. The upshot was that I finally got the car back and one to replace it, but it's been sitting for close to a year. The exterior and interior are in good shape, and I suppose the transmission (transaxle) is too...asked the wife to find the title after I couldn’t find it – no joy there, she’s not bothering to look. Went to get the key, same deal. So I can’t sell it unless I get a duplicate title – at the same price as a new one, for a piece of paper (?). Particulars: As stated it's an '01 626 LX. When we sent it to the mechanic, everything (other than the engine of course) worked. It does turn on electrically as does the stuff that doesn't need an engine to operate. Gold in color, with a tan interior (looks like leather), well optioned (PW/PDL/cruise/AC etc), alloy wheels, lamps in good condition, sunroof, etc – the ‘swing’ vent even worked!). Has an aftermarket audio unit I'll be removing. but I think I have the original factory unit. Let me know what you need, and I'm sure we can make a good deal on it. I will charge the actual cost of shipping and will try to keep material costs down. If someone wants the entire car, to either put an engine in, or as a parts car, I can work on getting a title - I just don't want to get hosed on the deal. The car is located in Port St. Lucie, FL, if anyone kind of close wants to look it over. Thanks!
  2. OK...thanks for the information. I found two engines in a salvage yard, but they're both (8th letter) D. What's to be replaced has an F.
  3. Essentially, found 2 2.5L V6's that have 8th letter D, but the 626 that Kathy would drive has an engine with 8th letter F. So the question is, what, if any, is the difference between the two letters (D and F).
  4. Concerning radiator caps, would an aftermarket one cause overheating? Lost the one on the coolant elbow so I replaced it with a Stant. Ended up then getting the engine replaced. Once home it didn't want to start but eventually did (now fires up every time, I figured it was locked up somehow). But then it started overheating. Thought it was low coolant level, so added more. Now what happens is it will overheat when everything is tight but be just under middle if I leave the overflow reservoir cap loose. Any ideas?
  5. Checked the videos...given enough time I could probably do it. But I'm also thinking that it'd be easier and probably less draining (on me, that is - I'm at the age where I can appreciate letting someone else do it) to have a mechanic perform the transplant. One question, since I'm probably gonna have to source an engine online...what's the difference between a KLDE and KLZE engine? As a reminder, the bad engine is a 2.5 V6. Also curious as to where this designator is stamped on the block...
  6. The sound appears to be coming from the bottom end, but I'm not good at diagnosing what it could be by the sound. I just know it's loud. Working on it is another story entirely, though I've never torn into an engine much past the valve covers and intake manifold. I'm admittedly better at repairs that don't involve the engine and transmission. I'll try to get a video posted and set a link to it That said, how involved would it be to just replace the engine? I know of one in West Palm Beach that's in a 2002 626, and there are several online that are fairly reasonable, and my best quote to have it done is around $1200 for the labor cost. I'd be looking at roughly around $2000 if I had an "online" engine installed. It'd be substantially less than that if I pulled the WPB engine and installed it myself. I'm questioning the difficulty of doing the work myself. If it's going to be a complete pain then I could have it done, but I'd like to save where I could. Thoughts?
  7. Drove the '01 all weekend over to Tampa (to see Rush in concert for likely their last time) then back across. It has a leak which I've been at odds to find, but there was oil in it, and on the way back I thought I heard a very faint tapping noise. Sure enough, it was low, so I put more in. Last night I topped it off to the "F" before calling it a night. I know there was oil in it as the leak is not a serious one. The wife called today and said there was a loud noise. When I got home I started her up and there is a definite knocking sound, but it varies in intensity and there are short periods where nothing at all is heard.Looking through the forum, I'm wondering what it could be and whether or not something like Seafoam or Lucas might do (as in a stuck lifter) or if it's more likely a mechanical repair is called for. Thoughts?
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