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  1. scarles make a set of adjustables.
  2. sorry bro parts for the v6s are completely D.I.Y. (do it yourself) fortunately making your own inlet pipe isnt hard. just few things needed to be welded into stainless steel (doesnt flex and warp with heat like aluminium does) and you are done. only really a few minutes work to braise in all the right holes for the sensors then bolt it on.
  3. when you checked your coolant did you turn heater to hot and recirculate? because that takes water from the motor re-distrbute to the car most people dont do this, and are running around with low coolant. the only thing i sugest is a complete backflush of the WHOLE system. could be blocked hose just because it looks fine isnt always the case...
  4. i was told when i did my mechcanics course: start athe spark plugs and work backwards to the key. if it not the plugs then its leads, if its not leads then its distributor. if its not distributor its the coil, if its not the coil its fuses, if its not fuses its the battery if its not battery its key. check your water level too mazda made a stupid system where if the water level gets too low it retards the igntion timing to compensate.
  5. body tag (2nd one) says 1996. i wil guess 27 febuary?
  6. its been over 12 months so i will give a update: the (eurosport) telstar got sold then gave up the ghost and got scrapped. then i found out what was really wrong with it: the 2.5 v6 had a crack in the block & the head gaskets were blown, and was lowered on cut springs (illegal here) oh and it run like a bag of sh*t because of a. the numerous vacuum leaks b. mazdas goofy idea that when the water level gets low, the engine retards the engine timing. but i used to love shooting flames out the back lol. i managed to score a low owner (1st owners were ex hosptial in australia) then came to NZ with 1 family owner 1996 EL ford falcon. through my own stupidity i ruined it. i cut the holes for the 6x9 inch speakers (badly) and now have to buy a new panel and get it re-welded in. just means i will have to use 6 inch speakers all round from now on. yes im planning on running this one into the ground, but we will see. ive had to move house and will be on the hunt for another ethier telstar (626) or something i can drive for thats road legal and i can flick off later.
  7. have you tried looking in the uk? even if they have a complete car you could pull apart?
  8. Try here. yes its the uk but posts worldwide
  9. the bad news is they dont exist. if you do want forced asperation it will be trial and error. especially as its the 2.0 v6 the 2.5 has been big single turboed in the ford probe a few times. the only mazda engine that was supercharged was the miller cycle engine but that was a 2.3 not a 2.0
  10. try the yes its in england but he posts worldwide.
  11. swap in the running gear from a 2 litre. those parts are easier to find than the 1.8 stuff.
  12. check your water level. had this happen to me: there is a air bubble and mazda designed the system that if the water level gets too low it retards the igntion timing.
  13. the eurosport car went to the great car yard in the sky (was worse underneath than the photos appeared) anywho im itching to get another 92 626/ ford telstar. but this time im wanting to change a few things for one: motive power want to stay with a 4 cylinder 2 litre for economy but want to switch to a twin cam. not really into turbos and stay with a manual any suggestions? mainly looking for ease of fittment, sounds will be changed. and the biggest change: adjustable suspention.
  14. if you have wikipedia'd the engine: i know the klde/klze (2.5 v6) interchange with each other. and the klze is the higher compression version of v6. so at a guess, you have the higher compresion version (10:1 vs 9:1)
  15. long story short, on you tube chris fix made a video about permently restoring your headlights. the reason they go yellow: is the clear coat most car companies use because it fades in the sun. you basically have to sand them back and use a non yellowing clearcoat.