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  1. not to be a debbie downer but the the F8 also came out in the ford econovan / mazda bongo van too. just a majority are the 2 litre version.
  2. missing switches will be for the sunroof and AWS (all wheel steer) that came out on the v6.
  3. time for a 2nd opinion then. take to auto electrician.
  4. what about dead plug(s) and or lead(s)?
  5. only other thing i could think of is dead or tired ECU? old mechanics rule: never assume. thats what trips you up.
  6. my buddy has a GD 1800cc wagon. but it was getting intermittent spark replaced cap and rotor which helped, but then he spotted crack in distributor was only small crack but pulled out distributor and it was dead. swapped it it with one from the wreckers and it was going again.
  7. check for broken distributor shaft. i know its shot in the dark but what ya got to lose?
  8. actually you dont. swapping things dont make you a mechanic. what i was telling FIS was basic mechanics 101 if you were such a mechanic you would have known this like i said i have been working on cars my whole life in my spare time: mazdas, fords, holdens & chevy, nissans and datsuns, toyotas, bmw and mercedes benz. working on one type of car has made you one eyed. plus i have had more cars than birthday candles...
  9. talk to the demaj brothers. they have been putting v8s into old mazdas for years.
  10. yes marcel i find your lack of mechanical skill showing. i said what i did because: tracking down electrical gremlins is a process of elimination, you eliminate the things it isnt to get to the thing it is. i have been around cars my whole life this isnt the first or last car ive worked on.
  11. sorry bro parts for the v6s are completely D.I.Y. (do it yourself) fortunately making your own inlet pipe isnt hard. just few things needed to be welded into stainless steel (doesnt flex and warp with heat like aluminium does) and you are done. only really a few minutes work to braise in all the right holes for the sensors then bolt it on.
  12. when you checked your coolant did you turn heater to hot and recirculate? because that takes water from the motor re-distrbute to the car most people dont do this, and are running around with low coolant. the only thing i sugest is a complete backflush of the WHOLE system. could be blocked hose just because it looks fine isnt always the case...
  13. i was told when i did my mechcanics course: start athe spark plugs and work backwards to the key. if it not the plugs then its leads, if its not leads then its distributor. if its not distributor its the coil, if its not the coil its fuses, if its not fuses its the battery if its not battery its key. check your water level too mazda made a stupid system where if the water level gets too low it retards the igntion timing to compensate.
  14. body tag (2nd one) says 1996. i wil guess 27 febuary?
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