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  1. poptaclutch

    Jets for a MA

    i have a MA motor with a 32/36 weber conversion. I am currently running the following jetting does this sound ball park. primary idle jet is 55. secondary idle jet 55. primary main jet 145. secondary main jet 135. The motor is a total rebuild all stock ,and I have the AFR at 2 turns out. does this sound like ball park any advice is great to hear.
  2. poptaclutch

    parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    Sorry mate I not have any parts for a 626 but I am chasing a 5 speed box from a 79/81 626. David.
  3. poptaclutch

    626 5 speed box

    Am after a 5 speed 626 box for a MA
  4. poptaclutch

    bell hosing

    Gday am wondering if someone has a 121 bellhousing to mate to a MA .
  5. Gday all does anyone know where I can source the throttle linkage for a 32/36 weber have only seen where you have to cut off the ball at the end of the cable and use a locknut I don't want to go down that path if possible .
  6. poptaclutch

    626 5 speed box

    as the name says I am chasing a box out of a 78/80 626 to go behind a MA.
  7. poptaclutch

    MA Motor

    sold mate can you get a quote on the postage thanks mate.Also can you throw in the bolts that come from it mate. My email is davidberrycoupe@hotmail.com you can sent your details for payment and I can send you my address. Regards David.
  8. poptaclutch

    MA Motor

    Gday Matey yeah that looks like the number so now what are you asking for it,and also will I need those 2 rods just thinking about the postage. Regards David.
  9. poptaclutch

    MA Motor

    Gday Philip yeah I can hang out to see what might pop up thanks heaps for the effort mate look forward to a great result. David
  10. poptaclutch

    MA Motor

    Gday Rotated 6-2 David here thanks for going a sussing all this out mate really great stuff that picture of the greasy plate is that the one in your opinion that will work or is it the other one from the book. Cheers David
  11. poptaclutch

    MA Motor

    that would be great if you could have a look mate and yeah thebox is for sure a little short it needs a plate Bloody Mazdas
  12. poptaclutch

    MA Motor

    does anyone have confirmation if a 3 speed auto fitted to a MA motor has a lower plate at the bottom of the box .
  13. poptaclutch

    MA Motor

    What I am thinling is that my MA block had been from a auto 3 speed and was converted to 5 speed. Can anyone confirm if the MA with a auto box has this lower cover.
  14. poptaclutch

    MA Motor

    I am fitting a MA to my capella what I have found is my MA comes with a 5 speed the issue is that I have fitted the motor to the box and I have a gap at the bottom of the geabox that looks like a inspection plate is this normal and if some one has one for sale I would like to know .
  15. poptaclutch

    parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    Gday Da poptaclutch here I am not the person who has these parts I am looking for parts for the same car .