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    2000 Mazda626 2.5L Manual 5 Spd
  1. chris9828

    Help Finding Parts

    I have had this car for about 6 months now and I have had a few problems with it each time I have a problem I cannot find any parts for the life of me I go to junk yards and they don't even have any there. right now I'm just frustrated to the point of reselling it. does anybody know where I can find a driver's side tail light assembly??
  2. it all started when my car started running a cold for a GPS intermedit failure. I replace the TPS and the light went away but the hesitation below 1000 rpm didn't and it's been getting worse it's been climbing the RPM scale. I don't want to go out buying part after part for this car, if anybody has had this problem or tell me any kind of information on what might fix this problem so that I don't go out buying $60 part after $60 part after $60 part for it not to be the issue please let me know it would be greatly appreciated! thank you
  3. chris9828

    Car Dying While Driving

    Ok thanks I'll get back to you!
  4. chris9828

    Thumping Noise

    I did the sway bar bushings over the weekend it was an absolute nightmare I did it without dropping the subframe luckily my father is a mechanic of 30 years and helps me out a bit. I greased them up a bit and slide them down the bar back into place and put the bolts on but the space was so tired I couldn't even get a wrench on them so I had to improvise and grind the ranch down to basically nothing to get it in lol. But the noise is gone!! Thanks for the post I appreciate it guys!
  5. chris9828

    Thumping Noise

    I did some research earlier and that's what I came up with was the sway bar bushings SK I checked them out but they looked perfect. Should I just do them anyways? Cause the noise is coming from the front right under behind the stereo area, and the noise is like someone under the car with a rubber mallet hitting the floor board. I've tried to simulate the noise without driving but no matterbwich way I move or bouncebthe car it doesn't happen. Its only over small bumps driving.
  6. chris9828

    Thumping Noise

    what would be the easiest way to check engine mounts? I checked the ball joints by jacking up the front and putting a bar underneath the tire and pushing down
  7. chris9828

    Thumping Noise

    Thumping noise coming from front end of the car while hitting small bumps only. Everything under the car is tight and secure and used pry bar to check bushings. I am absolutely baffled at this problem but I am so annoyed of the noise its driving me crazy!!! Someone please help!!
  8. chris9828

    Car Dying While Driving

    the light will blink in the car will die but sometimes it will only blink once real quick and died for a second but then comes back on before it can fully cut out its got a mind of its own lol
  9. chris9828

    Repair Manual?

    Thank you!
  10. chris9828

    2Nd Gear Jerk

    ended up being a broken seal in the clutch slave cylinder I ended up replacing it myself now it works amazing
  11. chris9828

    Need Help With Code P0122

    pretty ironic I just put a post up on the same code it only happens when it's below 0 degrees have you found a fix for this problem? Because a new throttle positioning sensor is discontinued by dealer and over $250 aftermarket and I'm all set scavenging at a junkyard in the middle of winter lol. Let me know if you can
  12. does anybody know why the throttle positioning sensor for this car is so expensive? Also where I could get a reliable one for cheaper than $300, I'm in a pinch and running trouble codes for P1125, and P0122.
  13. chris9828

    Repair Manual?

    Anybody have a PDF of a repair manual for a 2000 Mazda 626 5 speed?
  14. chris9828

    Car Dying While Driving

    I have a 2000 Mazda 626 with a 5 speed, this is only happened a few times but it's kind of making me nervous. Well I've been driving the car has just shut off but then starts right back up and doesn't do it no matter what I do to try to promote the problem again. I'm puzzled, thinking about bringing it to the dealer to see if it might be the security system and a faulty key. There is no check engine light on and no signs of a rough running engine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated thank you
  15. chris9828

    Turbo Kit?

    thanks I appreciate it exactly what I needed :-)