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  1. Cloran

    intake change over

    I did the KLG4 intake and KL47 throttle body change over on my DE. Now the throttle cable seems to long. Is there another bracket or do I adjust it back that much?
  2. Cloran

    Fel-Pro valve seals

    please lock
  3. Cloran

    Speaker braces

    I'd just google 6x8 to 5 1/4 adapters. I'm sure theres DIY videos as well. The ones i found were around $10
  4. Cloran

    Oil squirters

    I'd rather have the higher pressure then cooler pistons
  5. Cloran

    Oil squirters

    There's alot of write up of people deleting them. The next design of engine didn't even have them.
  6. Anybody do this swap? Other then solid lifter and other performance gains?
  7. Cloran

    Oil squirters

    I've read where multiple people have plugged theirs off. Just curious what they found the best way of doing that was?
  8. Cloran

    Fel-Pro valve seals

    Brand new in plastic valve seals shipped anywhere in U.S. for $25
  9. Anybody have part number for performance main bearings standard size?
  10. Cloran

    crankshaft cap bolt

    Does anyone have a source for the torque to yield crankshaft cap bolts? I've been looking for them and cant find anyone selling them new
  11. Cloran

    Driver seat

    I've often thought about changing my seat to manual and just get rid of the whole power seat mechanism
  12. Cloran

    Driver seat

    I actually had my control go out. I took the seat out and put power to the motor directly and it worked. So i just put leads on it and got it to where i wanted it and took the leads off
  13. Cloran

    Stock Flywheel Picture?

    I found out we can order it at work thanks anyway
  14. Can anyone post a picture of the stock 2.5 flywheel please?
  15. Cloran

    Cv Axle Difference

    Finding them hasn't been the issue. It's making sure there the right length. There is a "triangle" style and the all round style.