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    93 mazda jdm klze manual
  1. Make my car rhd I got a 1993 mazda mx3 lhd
  2. I need to know what I need to get to get my klze switched to a rhd. (right hand drive) any help I don't know to much
  3. Alright thanks you a lot. I don't know to much on cars but you were very help full
  4. Well it's not the original motor right? Can you tell that the engine been swapped? That's all I car about they is not the original engine
  5. Can you tell by looking at the picture. I don't own the car yet and can't get to it very easy to look at it. If you have to take a guess what would you think?
  6. Hi I'm looking at this car a mazda mx3 and be said he swapped the mortar to a jdm klze I need to know if it the real thing. The pictures are in the link please help http://s1369.photobucket.com/user/Dale_Peace/profile/
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