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  1. How do the battery terminals/wires look? Much corrosion (green-ish powder looking)? I recently had an issue on Mazda 6 where the ground wire (the black one) was too corroded inside the rubber sheath. It was like the battery was dead. Didn't have enough juice to crank. But the battery still read 12V when tested. Once the wire and terminal connector was replaced it fires with no issue.
  2. electrical

    Where did you find chewed wires? That is what I was going to suggest with the funny issues you have had. A bunch of different wires shorting on eachother. Can you pull back the wiring loom and re-splice (or at least individually tape) the wires to get them all into proper sheathing?
  3. Have you checked out DJdevon3's youtube channel? He does a full series of the auto to manual conversion on a 93-97. I don't recall seeing much in there about changing out the ECU, but I cant remember.
  4. 2003-2008 Mazda 6 front brakes, 98-02 626 rear brakes is a very common upgrade. Flywheel from the 1.8 V6 of the MX3 fits and is significantly lighter. 98 rear sway bar will go on. Supposedly a rear sway bar from a Ford Contour will go on too, but the end links aren't quite right so I never got it to fit (just bought an AWR bar instead). I never got around to trying it, but from what I could tell from spec sheets, the shocks/springs from a Chevy HHR will fit. But that is a BIG maybe because I never verified or even went too deep into the research. Put Yonaka coilovers instead as the were only $550 or so. They are great.
  5. Dealer is probably the best place. I seem to remember them being in the $10 range when I bought mine. Or if you want to go all out look up a short shifter from TWM. We use one, it has a ball bearing and aluminum spacers/bushings and shifts really nice!
  6. This is too bad. I have enjoyed following your build and thread. Good luck with the sale.
  7. I just saw these on Perfect Christmas present for the Mazda fan!
  8. That's awesome. Nice work!
  9. I second that motion. This car is awesome. I love older cars that don't go crazy on mods (staying at least kind of stock) but put a few little touches on that make it stand out. You should be really proud of the work you have done to get it to this point.
  10. Yeah, that's a good point. easy to test, will give that a shot next year. My team wont be surprised when I suggest another bright idea to shed weight at least!
  11. Interesting... you guys just ran with manual brakes and no ABS? Man, I would love to ditch all that weight! With that being said, our brakes are just so darn easy with the ABS; get to the braking point, stand on the pedal, done. I'd be pretty hesitant to get rid of it all together until I knew we were good enough drivers. For the moment, it is just one more thing to think about that I think we don't need. I was having some fun trying to modulate the pedal for those two stints, but I can see it getting pretty hectic when actually racing. Plus, Im not sure the rest of the guys are up for it at the moment (I envision a whole bunch of flat spotted tires!). Good info on the trans. Will run the first little bit with it next year (test day, maybe a race). We do have a spare trans ready and waiting, so will bring that along with us wherever we go! A few teams up here have started running Maxxis tires including a few of the top teams (and they seem to continue running them, so they must be decent at least). They come in a 245/40/15 if you want to go really crazy!
  12. Ok ok ok! After a lot of travel and getting some time to process the videos we have I can finally post some of them up here. As expected (knock on wood for future races!) the 626 performed fantastic! As mentioned previously, the engine pulled like crazy. We were keeping up on the straights with all but the very fastest cars and were leaving many behind (including several E30s and hopped up civics. Even one E34 5 Series BMW was having trouble keeping up). The weekend started with Friday test day that we took advantage of. I wanted to do a back to back tire test then planned to hand off to all the other drivers just to get some seat time. Didn't quite go as planned, but more on that in a second. Tire test results first: We bought a set of 235/45/17 Hankook Ventus RS3s to compare against the 23/40/17 Nankang NS2Rs that we have been running. Both sets started as brand new sticker tires. Having run those previously and having an initial feel for them, I took out the Nakangs for the first stint to get a baseline. Wasn’t trying to push the limit and set ultimate lap times, was more interested trying to feel them as much as possible. The 2nd stint we switched just the front tires to the Hankooks with the idea being that we should be able to feel the difference in grip better through changes in balance between front and rear. Overall I felt like the Hankooks had a higher ultimate grip level, but more importantly had a more progressive feel in going from grip to sliding. The Nankangs really felt to be on/off, once they started to slide even a little bit the grip disappears. In the end we decided to start the race on the Hankooks. So during the test sessions, I went into a braking zone and locked up all 4 tires. Whoops, wait, ABS isnt working? That was weird. Next brake zone, same thing. So I finished the session being easy on the pedal and practicing threshold braking. With the bite of our Mazda 6 setup and ST-43 pads it was pretty tough. They had enough force to lock up the tires with ease. If one were to be racing without ABS, it would probably make sense to get a pad with a bit less bite. Driving with ABS is just so darn easy! So in the off session times we set about trying to find the problem. As we were trying to diagnose, we also found that once we turned on the master kill switch the ignition would fire right away and the starter would not turn off. Whoa, that’s a bigger problem than we thought. We also found the TNS relay (? I have PNS in my notes, but that doesn’t sound right) fuse to be blown. After quite a while searching and testing connections and such, I finally noticed that the wiring loom inside the left quarter panel had fallen from its plastic mounts to the chassis and was sitting on the top of the tire as it spun. What a mess, a whole load of wires had been worn down and fused together including the wires for ABS, ignition, etc. We managed to pull the loom apart and spice in wires to fix the connections. Phew, that’s a relief. Especially considering the forecast for the following day. Pics of the fused/shredded wiring loom: We wake up on Saturday morning to POURING rain. I had previously convinced the only driver on our team that has yet to start a race to take the first stint. He has never driven the track in the rain!! Nervous? Yeah, I think he was S&!##ing bricks! Hahaha. I gave him final instructions to take it easy, find the rain line (way off of the dry line) and try to keep it clean. As we were warming the car up the tachometer stopped working. We still had some time while everyone was on their out lap. So we played with the power connections and got it working again. It would work sporadically throughout the entire weekend. He managed to get out on track in time and would join the back of the pack on the lead lap. In the end he had a fantastic stint. Only had a few minor spins (as you would in the rain) but was consistently getting faster and faster as he got more comfortable and ended up passing a bunch of cars in the process. Importantly he brought the car back in one piece. By that point, the rain had stopped, sun came out and we had perfect cool and sunny conditions for the rest of the weekend. Here is the first stint of the race: We managed to cycle through all of our drivers without issue over the course of day 1. One small black flag incident for contact when we were tapped on the rear quarter. The driver managed to save from spinning and the other cars driver came to apologize after his stint. Racing incident, all good. Sunday again went without issue and we cycled through drivers in reverse order. Everyone was having an absolute blast and getting faster each lap. I think everyone finally is starting to get a taste of what it is like to actually race now that their lap times are becoming at least competitive and are loving it. Fantastic stuff! The car came into the pits unscheduled twice, once for a loud rattle, that seemed to solve itself and once when the driver thought the front left tire was going flat. No problems found and the car was sent back out both times. I took the final stint to finish the race. We ended up a couple of laps back of the car in front and a couple of laps ahead of the car behind, so no real push to try and gain a position, but as the final stint of the year I went out guns blazing anyways! That stint was the most intense I have had so far. All was going smooth and I was running fairly fast lap times and then this Miata shows up in my mirror. I wasn’t all that keen on letting him by, so I started pushing a bit harder. What ensued was by far the hardest 30 minutes of racing I have ever had. We duked it out going back and forth the whole time. I was trying to push as hard as I could through turns 2 and 4 and even thought at one point “dammit this is too intense, why won’t he just back off or pull away so I can take a breather”!! It all ended at around the 45 minute mark in the video when a 944 and an Integra came together in T4. I got hard on the brakes and managed somehow to avoid the whole thing but also avoid being collected by the Miata and BMW behind. Miata wasn’t so lucky and his day was done. Immediately following the ensuing FCY I got myself into another battle with an E30 325. This one too went back and forth and we raced harrd all the way until the end. With about 15 minutes left I started to get fuel starve under hard braking into T5. At one point the BMW almost rear ended me. I backed off thinking I didn’t want to run out of fuel before the end. But with 5 minutes left or so I just couldn’t help myself and put the hammer down again! Hahaha. Ended up running my fast lap of the day on the 2nd last lap (1:41.6) and finished ahead of the BMW which is always very satisfying! My final stint of the race: Throughout the stint the brake pedal felt a little bit soft, so a good service of the calipers is probably needed and a full flush of the fluid in the spring. The other issue we encountered is what we believe to be a failing 4 gear syncro. Shifting from 5th to 4th was making grinding noises every time so I ended up just taking Turn 8 in 5th and skip shifting directly to 3rd. We have a spare transmission waiting in the garage, so willlikely be prepared to change it out at some point very soon. The tire wear was fantastic over the weekend. The right rear is hardly worn at all (can still see the flames and “Ventus” markings in the tread. The front left probably has about 1/3 of life left on it. So we will need to wear those and the Nankangs out next year before we get to put on the big 255s I have waiting in the basement! The black mamba on the front straight: Fuel run after day 1. Nearly $200 worth of fuel. Parc Ferme at the end of day 1. We have 10 minutes to get driver out, remove radios and gopro and tarp it up for the night. No other work allowed: Team (minus me, Im in the car) at the end of the weekend. Exhausted but happy!
  13. Thanks! Yeah. The car ran REALLY strong. Traveling for work at the moment so hopefully a better recap in the near future but in the mean time, here is my fast lap on Sunday. I was able to run solid 1:42s in he final stint which puts us right up there with all but the very fastest cars. Engine pulled led like a tank! I think the 4th gear synchro might be going (had a lot of trouble going 5th to 4th...) but other than that the car ran flawlessly!
  14. Ok, well we found out problem. After the 2nd session with no ABS, we ended up with our master switch (kill switch) also activating our ignition. So as soon as we flipped the master on, the car would start. But the starter wouldn't turn off. We dig a little bit more, but didn't find much until.... We found that the wiring loom inside the fender had started to sag and had rubbed in the wheel. Several wires had fused all together (found a blown fuse for the PNS as well) including the starter relay wire. Yep, that'll do it!
  15. Hi guys. Ok, I did something really dumb. I cut most of the wires out from the front part of the engine bay across the rad support. I did not cut the abs sensor wire though. Im at the track testing before our race tomorrow and abs is no longer working I cut most wires back to where they go into the drivers side fender. Dors anyone have a good wiring diagram that might say why my abs is not working right now? any help would be greatly appreciated! (1993 626, V6)