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  1. Too bad indeed! I am from Canada but live in Pennsylvania, USA. You guys have so much good stuff down there. One of my fav countries in terms of car culture.
  2. Hi there, I've been looking in vain for a '78-'82 Coupe for some time. Any condition, and location. My grandfather had one when I was a kid, and I want to restore one back to the condition I remember it being in. If you have any leads, or better yet, one to sell, please DM me here. Thanks!
  3. I didn't see any pics, so it was difficult for me to be sure. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/calgary/1980-mazda-626-coupe/1018791284 http://freeads.com.mt/advert/2367 DAMN!!! I moved to the USA from Calgary about three years ago! I seriously might have someone go pick that thing up for me and fly out and pick it up in the spring. THANK YOU! Seriously, it's almost perfect. I like this very much. But I'm pretty hellbent on finding a coupe. Something about that pillarless design... If only... I'll actually be heading to London in a few weeks. I doubt I can fit it in my luggage though. That little sedan has been tempting me actually. Something about white on these cars just feels so right. I think it is just the feelings of nostalgia speaking. Correct! Part of the fun is searching. I'm sure once I aquire it I'll keep looking for other cars. I do want an E36 M3. But is has to be a sedan in Technoviolet or alpine white. I'm way too picky. Thanks for all your help everyone! Once I find the right car and manage to buy it, I'll post pics and start a build thread.
  4. That one is tempting. I'd love a coupe though. And a manual. If I can't find my perfect car I will eventually settle. I've got time though. I did think about (not so) simply buying that one in California and doing a 5 speed swap. It may come to that. Thanks for the reply!
  5. I've been looking forever it seems. I want a CB (1978-1982) 626 coupe in any condition. I've found one on craigslist. It's a 1982, but the seller hasn't responded. I tried again today. Here is the link: http://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/4656252393.html Does anyone have any advice on how I might find one? I've scoured craigslist, put out numerous wanted ads, and searched high and low to no avail. My grandfather had one, and it was passed on to me when I was 13 but due to some shuffling of teachers at my high school it was lost to some kind of beaurocratic oversight when we brought it into our mechanics class as a vehicle to play with. It was never to be seen again. For sentimental reasons I want to find another and relive my memories of my departed grandfather. Any help in locating a coupe in any condition would be greatly appreciated. For what it's worth I'm located in western Pennsylvania. I'll travel almost any distance to find just the right car.
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