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  1. does any can give me instructios on how to install this panels back, i remove the carpet for cleaning purposes and i forgot to put it back,,. thanks
  2. hi does anyone knows how to remove this part of the interior the reason is because iam trying to remove the carpet... thanks
  3. hi iam trying to remove the carpet but i got stuck in the carpet that goes underneath the center console so iam ahving a hard time in removing it. there some arrows where i stated where iam having difficulties... if some one can share with me so diagram or instructions i would appetiate. thanks
  4. hi djvon3 going back to subject on how to find the key code for my 626 having the immobilizer mudule number---.... how true is this website from the internet.. i found out this video where u pay to get the code... do u have time and see it please.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gglM_Bjj_0
  5. does anyone know a way of get the pin code for programming a key 2000 mazda 626.intead of tow the vehicle to the dealer. i have the 10 digits number fron the immobilzer module... Sites like http://www.superpincodes.com/ would give u the pins or they just are to take ur money away.. The moderator suggested to get in cotact with the immobilizer manufacture but i dont know how.. Note is no a stolen car i dont live in the U:S i live in central america and is hard to do this things.... here is so far ihave been searching
  6. i recently lost my 2000 mazda 626 v6original key. So i had to get a transpoder key from a website that comes un cut, and then u have to cut it and program it. So i got it and took it to a locksmith to cut it.. The next problem is that iam having problems is programming the key... The locksmith told me that he didnt had the right machine for the codes,, i went to the dealer and they want to charme alot... any other solutions... thanks. this the key see the attachment or i was reading the internet, other options is to get the eight-digit Immobilizer Unit code
  7. does someone has a diagram where the fuel filter is located
  8. hi devon thanks 4 the diagram for the electrical wire system of the fuse box that goes connected to different sensor and parts of the motor... It seems that the previous owner of my car modified some wires therefore my mechanic want to find out why the faans are alway on i try, The cooling fan relay, throttle position sensor, and engine coolant temperature sensor.,,i did all this testing.. that u told me but still didnt work... he just want to make sure all wires are connected to their correct spot.. thanks
  9. i saw this on ebay reguarding gas milage saving . How trrue is this chip, does it help, what is the possibilty that can damage the computer memory can u give me pros and cons.please.. i want to save mpg the mmost that i can thanks Here is some links of the chips that i found http://www.ebay.com/itm/Performance-Chip-GAS-Fuel-Saver-for-MAZDA-Vehicles-GAIN-MPG-/331153381710?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A2000|Make%3AMazda|Model%3A626&hash=item4d1a47994e&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/2000-Mazda-626-OBD-Fuel-Gas-Saver-ECU-Chip-/320563868889?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4aa31874d9&vxp=mtr
  10. i have a 626 2.5 v6 is that normal every time that i start the engine and every time that the engine is running to be on both fans, i have them directly, if one of them is off the temperture raises to H after i drove for a few miles.Note the AC doesnt have to be on. would be the the coolnt temperature sensor that doesn work or the Engine Coolant Fan Temp sensor. If so how cn i check... curiosity is there any difference between the switch and the sensor . thanks
  11. the fans are always on, if one of them is not working thats when it starts to overheat, that was the problem the other day... one other thing the coolant sensor where is connected is grounded i guess they put it like that so that always the fns are are running... before that is that normal that the fans are soppuse to be running all the times??... about the error p0118 gave the error because it wasn conncted the cables that what the mechanic told me..
  12. The OBD reads this error P0118 on my car. what i read is about coolant temperature sensor. When i bought car the 2 fans are connected directly even whe the engine is not running, in other words i just turn the key to started and the fans are already running, but i dint pay attention since the temperature gauge didnt raise up.. Afterwards i the problems started i had problems with the crank, and cam shaft sensors, i replaced them... then i scanned with the OBD because i wasny sure if the MAF was giving me a problem, but the PO118 came up, so a few day later my car didnt wanted to start battery was fine and it sounded like when i replace the crankshaft, but before that i noticed that the engine overheated when i droved in the city after an hour or 45 minutes.. Would is possible that the crank shaft got burn due to the error P0118, if so there is a way to see physically if that sensor the coolant is the one giving the problem..
  13. can i test a MAF sensor from a motor 2.0 to a v6 2.5 to see if works
  14. can i test a MAF sensor from a motor 2.0 to a v6 2.5 to see if works

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