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    1990 626 Estate/Wagon/Cargo 2.0L manual
  1. Looks really nice and of course the best colour
  2. Headlight washer not working

    My 1990 gv headlight washers have stopped working. Before I start pulling bits apart can anyone advise on location of pump etc please. I guess it's going to be the same as the gd model.
  3. Glad you sorted it, it's definitely handy having the the extra seats when needed.
  4. Help Not Starting

    Thanks mate def a good route to go
  5. Went shopping the other day then onto my mother in laws.But upon leaving my Mazda gv would not start The dash lights came on but no crank.I took the battery home and charged it,the next day I went back and the car fired first time and I ran it for about 20 mins but then turned it off but again back to nothing.I took the battery to get it tested but it was no longer holding charge but was an old battery. Brought a new battery took a few cranks to start and battery was dying car ran and drove it home, car started about 4 times after that never easy but not really hard but on 5 time the battery no longer had enough power to start the car can you advise please The car is a 1990 gv with a 2.0l 12V engine
  6. 626 Club In Uk???

    Epic mate I will find the last owner out for you on skyline owners and haveyou requested to join JDM east mate my Id is Ad tricky add me on Fb
  7. 626 Club In Uk???

    Hi mate I was watching this on eBay the other week and strangely was talking to one of its past owners on Skyline owners. I run a car club called Jdm east on Facebook we are east Midlands based and are having club stands at Japshow etc and have meets around the east Midlands it would be great to see the car at a meet etc and I am hoping to get other 626 etc owners there also
  8. Started Making A Kit For The Gv

    Rear pic
  9. Started Making A Kit For The Gv

    We used an old bumper the front splitter was cut out of it whilst the other was used as a rear under bumper splitter
  10. Started Making A Kit For The Gv

    Hi mate did you buy the other wagon which was on ebay the other day
  11. Rough Idle After Work

    Problem solved the pipe came to life with air suddenly and then all worked fine
  12. Rough Idle After Work

    Once this pipe is refitted the rough idle starts again
  13. Started Making A Kit For The Gv

    normally I am very good at project pics but this time not so good as was working in the dark and gone on a roll with it it needs t come back off and be refitted so will add some pics of that
  14. Started Making A Kit For The Gv

    We have started making our bodykit for our 626 but may alter the splitter yet .
  15. Rough Idle After Work

    We have two pipes which sit under the airbox on the manual it reads as a timing solenoid with the pipe off the car runs fine back on it runs like it does in the video